Have I Been Fired?.

An Akashic Construct participant writes - October 30, 2010.

Lisa N. has been using the Akashic Construct meditation CD for almost eighteen months. In the last fifteen months of this period she has gotten to know her Teacher, two regular Midwayers, and she has had a visit from one of our regular 1,111 Friends. More excitingly, she has come face-to-face with the universe Creator Son, Michael, and His Consort, Nebadonia. Lisa is a healer of great ability, but now she is stuck, out of business, or so it seems. She writes on October 30, 2010:

I think I've been fired, but I don't know what I've done. I can't get down to Alpha anymore, but maybe it is my problem, and maybe I have not been fired at all. I followed your suggestions, and I have been using the Akashic Construct only the one day each week. And the other six days I have been going down to Alpha without hearing your voice. Since last week I have not been able to do anything, not been able to heal anyone either.

This is what happened: I walked into my laboratory, and my patient was already there on a stretcher. He has cancer in his liver and it has spread to other parts of his body. His name is Andrew-John, and he is a dear friend of a friend of mine. I thought it was a good sign that he was already there, without me having to ask him to come into my presence. But suddenly there were six glowing celestial beings, and one of these motioned for me to go sit in a chair. The six stood around the stretcher, one at his head, one at his feet, two at his side on one side, and the other two at his opposite side. It seemed that they did not want me to get involved. Two days later I heard that Andrew-John had just died.

At first I thought that what was needed to heal the patient was something I still had to learn. But after he died I blamed myself for not having insisted on doing the healing myself. Since that time, I have not been able to go back into my Construct. Now I feel that I have been fired for incompetence, and I am asking you for help …

On November 1 George replies: I spoke to the Midwayers about your experience, and I was told, firstly, and that it was Andrew's time to go, and at your request the celestials (Seraphim) came to prepare your patient for his ascension into a better world. Secondly, you did nothing wrong. You did everything right so far. There is absolutely no reason for you to blame yourself. Go back and do your healings, and you will find that if a similar happening comes about, you can expect that your patient is too far gone to be healed, and what the six did was a healing, yes? Have confidence.

On November 4 Lisa writes: … so thank you, dear friend. All is well, and I'm back in my Akashic Construct … with more confidence.

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