An "Angio-something."

An Akashic Construct participant writes - January 4, 2011.

Sorry I did not write you earlier, George. I simply lacked the confidence. For eight months now I've been doing a lot of healings and because I have no medical knowledge, I've not trusted the results that I've seen….. until now. This time, in working with a 56 year old colleague who has been off work and very short of breath and fatigued since Thanksgiving, I have the nearest thing to real proof that I'm doing it right.
Mr. Kel Hanson has been with the company for more than 30 years, I found out. Shortly after Thanksgiving he took time off, but he didn't come back when he was supposed to. The supervisor of his department came to tell me that Mr. Hanson was going to need a tricky operation after having had an angio-something (not sure what that is). But why tell me? I hardly know either of them. I thought to do a healing on Mr. Hanson, and then it suddenly became obvious why I was told: The Midwayers must have directed the supervisor.

I went into my Akashic workshop that evening, and I know my Midwayer friend was there, but on this occasion I could not see him at all. It took me a moment to recognize Mr.Hanson streched out on a sort of massage table that somehow appears in my workshop when it is needed. I looked inside his chest and noticed bloodvessels connected to his heart to be clogged up with white stuff. Don't laugh! I knew what had to be done, and I cleaned those arteries good and proper with pipe cleaners.

Four days later Mr. Hanson came back to work, and strange enough walked past my desk. (That'a the long way around to his department!) He looked at me puzzled. I just smiled at him. He walked on, and then he came back to my desk. He said he believed in miracles. That he was very sick and suddenly better one morning. I told him I too believe in miracles. He gave me another puzzled look and walked on.

"Someone" wanted me to know I'm doing it right. I'm ever so pleased! You can send it to the Akashic Construct list, but better change my patient's name (done). Lots of love - Chrissie.

George: Good one! An Angio-something would be an angiogram, which is not risk free. When I first started to do healings in about 1972 or before, suppliers to my company, sales representatives, friends and neighbors supplied me with the details I needed to know, to heal folks mostly that evening in my clinic. At times, later confirmation of success was astoundingly clear. This healing is textbook. Thank you Chrissie.

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