Almost Too Shy - (part one)


Illawarra District, Australia, August 2, 2011.
Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33).
Carol A. (Wings).
Received by George Barnard.

Midwayer Mathew: "Good evening you two. This is Midwayer Mathew. I bring greetings from your many celestial friends. And this evening I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to relay a message from a dear departed (human) friend."

Carol A.: "Hello you both. I am almost too shy to speak with confidence. There are things that I may say to you, and there are things that are unimportant for you to know, or which would be difficult for you to understand, and really of no value. I want to speak about my days on the planet Urantia. I want to speak about the hardship I suffered. Most of all, I want to remind those who are having a difficult time that you need to have faith, at times, beyond all reason.

"I found that once I arrived on Mansonia One, it lasted only for a very short while during which I found it difficult to move around properly, freely, to move around with confidence, and I have been told that those small inconveniences lasting such a short space of time were the precise reflections of the minor psychosomatic difficulties I had on the planet. I am sure that George would be interested in knowing this.

She clarifies: "That the aspect of an illness which deals with the psychosomatic is reflected in the early days of life on Mansonia. For me it was good to know that it had been slight and that in fact, my difficulties were almost purely the disease that could not be helped. Another part of my terrestrial life was the difficulty I had with my relatives. And I must assure you that once you arrive on this here world, your difficult times on earth, and how you later view these times, will be entirely different to your mind.

"There is much to keep you busy here. There is also much to learn, and much to understand in the sense that you discover that in reality it is not going to take a great deal of trouble before all past hurts are healed, before former enemies shake hands, and embrace as kin.

"Well, I'm told I have come to the end of what I am allowed to say, and my allotted time is up, but before I go I must tell you all how much I love you, and gratefully how much I have learned from you all, and how many folks here have now learned about you, for I am known to hardly ever stop talking. I say goodbye for now. This is Carol."

Mathew: "Well my friends there you have it. I'm sure that for you it is good to know that Carol is doing well. I too shall leave it at that until we meet up again. This is Mathew."

George: "We're all painfully shy, Mathew!"

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