Almost Too Shy - (part two)

From the desk of George Barnard -- August 2, 2011.

Carol A. or Wings (Wingsie) was for six years a contributing member of the 11:11 Progress Group. More than three years ago she was diagnosed with ALS -- Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - which causes gradual deterioration of the nerves, ending in paralysis, inevitably death. We all miss her very much.

Yesterday our friend Carol came to mind, clearly, and I figured we might soon hear from her, even though she has not been living in higher realms for very long. I felt somewhat apprehensive about making contact with her, but perhaps I was only sensing Carol's apprehension, and that would make lots of sense after my routinely receiving messages from many Spirit Friends for almost 40 years.

More than likely this was Carol's first contact from "beyond the grave", because the conversation was halting… very much so… slowest ever. It was as if Carol was conducting a telephone conversation, and waiting for me to have an answer to her every bit of news or suggestion. Obviously this form of communication, passed onto us from Angels to Midwayers, is quite new to her, and she proved it by sometimes talking directly to me, and then, suddenly, talking about me by saying: "I am sure that George would be interested in knowing this."

Delightful! And then she finished her talk by admitting to being known to "hardly ever stop talking."

Thank you, Carol, for loving all your 11:11 co-workers.

If by any chance you missed part One - Carol's talk - it is here:

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