Almost Too Shy - (part two)

A Lesson on Trust -- November 11 (11:11), 2008.

Reported by Carol A.

Akashic Construct participant and a dear friend now departed.

My eagle friend appeared again, and we began flying together, as we usually do. She began flying very high, and expected me to follow, as I always do, but this time I wanted to fly low, to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, so I changed direction, and flew off alone, down toward earth. Suddenly I heard the words, "You lead. I will follow. From the greatest heights, to the deepest depths, I am with you."

I smiled, then soared straight up, did a 'loopty loop', then came down again. My eagle friend stayed with me, following my every move, effortlessly. I felt such joy, and such love for her.

Then the eagle looked back at me, and I heard the words, "Do you trust Me enough to follow wherever I go?" I answered "Yes", although I was thinking "maybe".

She flew toward a very dark, ominous cloud, high in the sky, looked back at me, and I heard the word Trust. She flew up, into the cloud and disappeared. I was fearful of following, not knowing what might be in the cloud, and I had a moment of hesitation, but I trusted my eagle friend, so I followed her in. I could vaguely see her in the dark mist, but kept my eyes on her, and anxiously ascended through the cloud. We finally broke through the top, to a beautiful sunlit blue sky, with birds flying around, chirping happily. It was such a relief!

I saw a smile in her eyes. She seemed pleased with me. I heard, "Sometimes we must travel through darkness, and the unknown, in order to find the light, and safety. Trying to avoid darkness does not make it go away. It prolongs suffering. You are safe in my hands, no matter what obstacles and fears lay before you. I will lead you to the light. I am always with you, waiting for you to call on me for help and guidance. We are partners."

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