Giving Yourself the Best Chance.


Illawarra District, Australia, July 31, 2011.
Midwayer Messenger Sharmon (MNO-6).
Received by George Barnard.

Sharmon: "You have the option of writing it for yourself, or have me dictate it to you. It is after all routine, and I know we are fairly well on the same page in this matter, and as well, it's a worthy follow-up to Bzutu's talk about borrowed dogma (receiver agrees to listen).

"It would almost seem logical to conclude that the longer a religion is in existence, the more distantly removed its dogma will become from the founder's enlightenment and his or her documentation or word of mouth reporting. However, when you generalize about the Sikh religion being most factual in regard to the actual function and reality of the celestial world, you overlook the greatly advanced minds among Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians, excluding even those who belong to no creed, just having their spiritual endeavors.

"That was worth being reminded of, yes? Let us now consider those who have recently become subscribers to the (11:11) Group's messages, but even more so those who use the Akashic Construct to attain a working relationship with us, Midwayers and Teachers.

"I specifically direct my words to the latter - the AC participants -- and in general to all, reminding you that humans are easily the most complex of the Creator's children, and that there are aspects, workings, and even destinies of humans that are not understood by any of the Creator's offspring, even those of the highest of orders. Indeed, you have a body, brain, a working mind and personality, and everyone can clearly note that. You also have a soul we call the human mid-mind, but unseen, it is so often forgotten about.

"Much the pity is the fact that so few of you consider or even know of the Gift the Creator of all, which is bestowed upon you all. This eternal Guide we call the Thought Adjuster, this very Fragment of the God of all creation, is your Pilot and Partner, your identity and potential to eternal life, and in aiming to hear from us Midwayers, Teachers, Angels or Melchizedeks, how appropriate for you to give yourself the best chance of success, and for you to first of all request to receive your Thought Adjuster's blessing in such communication endeavor! Consider, dear friends.

"This is Sharmon, best dressed in the midway realm. I leave you now, but my love stays with you, always."

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