What 'Blew Nicole Away.'

An Akashic Construct participant reports - June 3, 2011.

I've been doing some form of Reiki, I guess it is, for about 2 years. I call it hands-on healing, but whatever it really is, it works, and it comes in ever so handy, because people tell me about their problems. Last month I got the Akashic Construct from you, and the day before yesterday I finished my three times one week on each of the tracks. Yesterday was my first attempt at healing someone at a distance.

Since that was my first attempt, I chose to do a healing that might be an easy one. The patient's name is Ben (maybe Bernard or Benhard - not sure), but I know him and his family well. He has a wife, two daughters and a much younger adopted son. Ben was in a bad way with Alzheimers disease, seemingly much worse than I expected. My Akashic workshop became the hospital where he was, or I had somehow entered the hospital on the other side of town.

All his family was around his bedside, and Ben was raving at all of them. It was ugly! Anyway, I stepped up to him, put my hands on his head and tried to calm him. It worked! It blew me away! The very next moment, it seemed that the day had gone by, and a new day had begun, because the family was dressed differently, and new flowers were in the room. Stranger still, Ben was talking to his family, calmly, and asking about their plans with him gone. Not a sign of aggrevation. He sure is leaving this world, peacefully, I know it!

I'm stoked!

George: I did many healings from 1972 till 2000, less now since I'm so busy, but I always checked the result of my healings a few days down the track, instantly. Time, even space, is 'irrelevant' in the Akashic Construct, that's why you have a calendar, and all the things you need. Just move the date and make anything appear. Right away you can be apprised of results, too, and helping an old guy to die gracefully is a healing. Congratulations!

Nicole adds: My eight-year-old has been doing the Akashic Construct too. She has her own Teacher now, but she's not saying much, heehee! Much love, N.

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