A Morontia Machine.

An Akashic Construct Participant writes - April 12, 2011.

I have been in my library four times now. The first time I asked for a Celestial so I could be worked on, and so in turn I could heal patients. I was on the operating table and there was a large machine suspended over the table. The celestial was standing beside me working this machine that slowly came down from the ceiling.

One at a time the colors of the chakras lit up my body from huge gems of the chakra colors. They infused and surrounded me with their different colors. Each of these gems was of a different shape. The machine with the gems in it would travel over my whole body and back again. When all chakras had been done, I felt like I was drifting up and out of my library into a amethyst colored sky. Very relaxing and comforting. Then George's voice came back on, and brought me back.

In the third session I asked for a patient and my sister, Judy, walked out of the elevator accompanied by a tall "gold/blush colored" angel. My sister got onto the table and the angel was holding her feet. On this occasion I handled the "gem machine" and again all the chakra gems were different shapes. After the chakras had been treated with a pink ray, a final white ray went over her body.

"The angel had switched to Judy's head, then went to stand by her side. Another angel appeared on Judy's other side. They both put their hands over both sides of her chest and were making humming sounds. Judy then spoke. She said, 'I can't believe there was an angel at my head.' They both took their hands off her chest and right then George's voice came back on.

Some of you may remember that my sister needs a lung transplant by next fall at the latest, so this was very interesting that they had their hands over her lungs when they were humming.

Pretty cool, huh? I cant wait to get home from work and see what I'm going to get next!


George: You did great! And all your Reiki work of the past is helping you in getting a handle on the Akashic Construct method.

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