Pressure on the Brain - Part One.

A report from an Akashic Construct Student - March 22, 2011.

Hello all!

Today I was going to try and heal my grandma in the Akashic Construct. She said yesterday she actually felt well but her nose was driving her crazy, although it was nothing too bad.

In my workshop, when my elevator opened, other people were inside. I felt like one was possibly MNO-8, Midwayer Dr. Mendoza, as I have been seeing a lot of 08 prompts, which is a new time prompt for me. There were others as well, I think four of them. I saw the words "HEAD TRAUMA" and walked over to the others. They were surrounding someone with bandages on the head. It was kid. This was surprising to me as I am very sensitive when it comes to children and I thought I would never be able to handle it. Still, I felt like there was a need to rush. I felt like I knew just what to do. I felt brave.

I saw more words "PRESSURE ON THE BRAIN". I won't go into details, but I did something to relieve the pressure. All of the others were surrounding his bed, which was not on my usual table, but a hospital bed. The others were with their arms outstretched, hands on each other's shoulders, completing a circle with their hands on my shoulders. My hands were placed under the patient's neck, supporting it. I pictured our love combined with God's and Michael's love flowing through us into the patient. It seemed to get bright. That rushed feeling was going away and I knew time was up.

When walking back up the stairs and into my nature scene, I started to feel a tiny bit dizzy, very heavy, detached as if I was actually going somewhere else. Possible it was O.B.E. Wish I had a little more time to see where I was going.

Great experience! It left me with some things to think about. I feel so happy and blessed to be on this path.

Much love, M.

George: Congratulations!!! You've been very persistent in your meditation, I know, and it paid off for you. Likely, you surfaced a little quickly from the Midway Realm (dizzy), and also your energy output (feeling heavy) had been greater than you may have thought.

Like you, I go very deep on a healing task, well below 7 cycles per second, which is Theta, and after the healing I now flop down in my pleasant scene at around 12 cycles, which is Alpha to "relive" the precise details of that healing, so it is not forgotten.

There is only a very poor mind connection between Theta and Beta.

Beta - 14 to 21 cycles per second.
Alpha - 7 to 14 cycles per second.
Theta - 3.5 to 7 cycles per second.
Delta - 0.25 to 3.5 cycles per second.
We'll send out Part Two soon.

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