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A report from George Barnard dated May 18, 2011.

Circumstances can sever the regular connection between celestial Teachers and their students. In December of 1987 a mugging that almost cost me my life isolated me from the 11:11 Emergency Platoon for some years. Recently - some months ago -- the same outright isolation resulted from an 'out-of-left-field' shock to the system. However, a temporary break does not need to become permanent separation.

Over the years I got to know many who once worked with celestial Teachers in art, the receiving of messages, even technology or medicine, and who -- much the pity -- no longer maintain such an association. The best remedy to a disruption to a routine is to stick with regular meditation, and work on the blockage till it is resolved, and so it finally happened here on May 18.

Someone in the group had Midwayer Mathew sitting on her lap. I could not discern from whom I was hearing, and since I had no recording device at hand, this is not a true transmission, just a summary of insights from the 1,111 Midwayers regarding earlier discussions.

It is important to Group Seraphim and personal Guardian Angels (Destiny Guardians) to be assessed as having conducted themselves in fairness in relation to their human charges. Greatly detailed assessments must be seen as essential report cards on whose strength and foundation they conduct their further learning and build further progress.

Our ancestry is known on all of Mansonia -- all of it from Andon and Fonta, the first locally evolved humans to the billions of this day. Not surprisingly, Andon and Fonta are both greatly knowledgable on the subject. Our chances of getting to hear from them directly, as we requested, are not likely to be very good, and neither are the chances of official and real lineages to be identical, mere guesswork in our dim dark past.

Mansonia life includes mandated learning and teaching as well as the choice of an elected subject. It includes rest and reversion as well as prayer, worship and universe broadcasts programs. That was about it. Not sure of who that Midwayer/Facilitator was.

If you have lost the previously enjoyed connection with your celestial Teacher, meditation is likely to be your answer. Don't give up.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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