Hanging in Midair.


Anne-Marie was just ten years old when her parents allowed her to ‘do a session’ with Tamara Chelsey and me. We were teaching (among other things) the absolute forerunner of my Akashic Construct, face-to-face.

Anne-Marie became a healer, working on classmates and relatives at first. Some years later, strangers would enter her Akashic workshop, but the young lady wanted to astral travel, first and foremost. Seemingly that was not to be.

She was 16 or 17 years old when she came to see me and told me of an experience that had ‘frightened the living daylights out of her’. On the previous night the west-facing upstairs bedroom she and her sister normally occupied had been allocated to a visiting aunt and uncle. The two girls had been given a small east-facing upstairs room each. The boys in the family had been ‘evicted’ from those rooms and were roughing it for the night on the living room floor.

At some time during the night Anne-Marie found herself hanging in midair outside her west-facing bedroom window, frightened silly about falling down onto a sharp picket fence and, from that low angle, not recognizing her uncle who was occupying her bed. She was hanging there for some time, kind of 'frozen', not wanting to 'be' that body.

Under hypnosis she retraced the entire journey all over the suburbs. When questioned about trying to enter her bedroom when another room had been allocated to her for that night, she answered, “That’s how I always get back into my bed.”

Anne-Marie had been ‘on the loose’ for some years, we learned that day. Only her natural fear of heights had blocked her memory of those countless astral flights, but from that time onwards, she could go where and when she pleased, and recall the entire experience.

Fear is our number one opponent in all we try to achieve.


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