A Ball of Light.

An Akashic Construct student writes.

A few nights ago, my friend and I were in the kitchen of my home. I was preparing something to drink, and we were talking. Previously that night I had felt rather disappointed with my boyfriend. He had telephoned me while I was still on holidays in my parents’ home and said he wanted to hear my voice.

However, two days later he didn’t answer the email message I sent him to wish him a happy New Year.

(I must explain here that your email helped me a lot, and I refer to what you said about trusting the Father).

Suddenly I felt great joy and certainty that everything would turn out fine! I turned to my friend and told him to sit down and I started speaking to him about the joy I was feeling. Then he told me that he was feeling sad, and very worried about his studies in the university (He often tells me about that).

I answered “Ok, listen to what we are going to do! We’re making a deal here right now! I’m not going to feel sad about the things my boyfriend does, and you aren’t going to feel disappointed again, and you’ll keep going to your classes till ‘further instructions.’” (I meant, till circumstances change).

We laughed, shook hands on the deal, and I told him, “I’m certain that if we stick with the deal, something good will happen.” I felt so sure about my words! And then with my peripheral vision I saw a small ball of light moving. I tried to see it better, but as I turned my head, it crossed the room and flew away passing right by me.

My friend also saw a ball of light flying inside my parents’ home, and he told me that my dog saw it too, because she was moving her head in the direction this ball was flying.

I turned to my friend and I told him I had seen something just then, and he answered he had also seen something. He had seen something that resembled a very big bee, flying in exactly the same direction as the ball of light that I saw.

I was so happy that he had seen it, too! I don’t know what it was, but I feel it was trying to tell us that it agreed with us….. S.

PS: I earlier wrote about an experience I had in my Akashic Library, where I met a Celestial -- a male that was dressed like Gabriel without wings. This visitor told me that he was a sort of messenger, and after we talked for a while, he left in a strange way. He was transformed into a ball of light and flew away very quickly!


Those “spheres of light” are often seen, sometimes even photographed. They are thought to be “observation lenses”…. George


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