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From the Desk of George Barnard – February 9, 2007.

Earlier this afternoon I cleared my delete tray of 11 days of accumulated posts. There were 1381 posts (not all of which we needed to answer or do ‘something’ about to be sure). However, a good proportion of them dealt with questions we have often answered.

These are some of the questions:

Question: My birthday is on March 8. I often stare at the clock at 3:08, that precise time. Can you tell me what this means?
Answer: Anytime:08 AM or PM means to us that the Secondary Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza (MNO8) wants to talk. We don’t know what it means for you, and we suggest you simply say ‘hello’ for now.

Question: I see 9:11 all the time. Will there be another terrorist strike?
Answer: Possibly. We don’t get much in the way of advance notice. To us a regularly observed number of any kind means that Celestial Beings want to communicate with us. Nothing more.

Question: I’ve seen 11:11 for 8 years or more. Recently this changed to 11:10, AM or PM or both. What does this mean?
Answer: It means the Midwayers have not yet given up on you. Please put together a meditation regimen that will allow you to communicate with them. To me anytime:10 AM or PM means that info has been ‘planted’ in my subconscious mind, and it will surface to the conscious level when needed. We don’t really know what it means for you.

Question: Do you know when the next 11:11 gate will open?
Answer: The real meaning of what Solara is on about escapes us. It’s a mystery. We know she has done a great job of bringing 11:11’ers together, but we have no connection with her.

Question: What is the reason for these prompts?
Answer: Celestials want to talk with you.

Tried and Tested.

The list goes on. It is extremely rare for us to get information for another person. It only tends to happen in emergencies close to home, and when we can affect the outcome. Being ‘fortunetellers’ is not our function.

The object of the time/prompt exercise is for you to establish contact with your Celestial Teacher, and the best, common, tried-and-tested way is to do regular stillness-meditation. If you are convinced that your mind is too unruly; that there is too much background chatter, you might acquire the Akashic Construct, which is very affordable. The Akashic Construct CD


Comments: George: “I think this is pretty clear so far.”
Athena (A Celestial Artisan): “Well, I helped you with it!”
That answer came so quick, and appropriately so, it had us in stitches. Still smiling now!


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