An Hexagonal Bathtub -- A Beginning

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – January 2nd, 2009.

I have not had any unexpected visions or appearances in any of my Akashic Construct meditations until last night.

What I experienced was completely unexpected. I was in the healing section of the meditation, and still nothing had occurred. Suddenly I got an image of a hexagonal, taller bathtub made from sandstone, or some lovely marbled stone.

Nothing else was in the image. I had set intent for general healing for family members and all who needed it, including myself for the New Year.

It seems to indicate a cleansing is appropriate?

The coolest part though, is how the image just popped into my mind and how detailed it was. It did not take any ‘trying’ to visualize it. It was just there!

Just wanted to share this little and positive step for me.


George suggests: Good one! Your six-sided tub might well indicate that you’ll be working on six members of your family, and yes . . .
. . . don’t forget yourself.

Barb notes: The comment about 6 sides and 6 family members ... well, guess how many immediate family members I have?
(including me)

Yes, it was very exciting for me, perfectly clear and detailed, even to the grout between the stones.

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