The Best Medicine.

An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

On the first occasion when I entered my Akashic library, the only thing I wanted was to meet a Celestial, and when I sat in my chair and heard George’s voice saying that I should choose for a Celestial or a patient to come, I instinctively asked for a patient. My surprise was great; not to mention my anxiety, because a patient came and I didn’t know what to do.

Then I just placed my hands on his chest and I “gave” him love. I didn’t call another patient for some time but that experience remained in my mind. Then, one day, I had my aura read and I was advised to try to do healing. I was told I might be a natural healer.

I started practising and still do. When someone in my environment is in pain and willing to let me help him or her, I try to give them positive energy and love. Some days ago my best friend was in pain. She is a professional athlete and her arm was very tired and in pain due to overtraining. Even though in the past she wasn’t always willing to believe me she decided to give it a try. So I told her to close her eyes, relax and try to visualise that energy coming out of my hands and entering into her arm.

I placed my hands about an inch above her arm, closed my eyes, and visualised that I was opening my self to Father’s love , which always surrounds each one of us. Then His love entered my body in the form of light and through my hands the light entered in my friend’s arm. For about five minutes I kept visualising this and praying to Father to allow me to be the conduit of His love. Then I stopped and asked her how she felt. She moved her arm and surprisingly she said, “I feel better”. She couldn’t stop smiling and repeating those same words.

The reward is great when you see them feel better and smile. I still have to learn a lot of things but I’m sure that everyone has the ability to heal themselves or others. The only thing we have to do is to open ourselves up to Father’s love. It’s the best medicine


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