Aneurism next to the Brain Stem.

An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

She is a ten-year-old schoolgirl. She has an aneurism in the brain, creating pressure next to the brain stem. I use the Akashic Construct method for the healing, but self-hypnosis to get to my workshop.

I pray to God to bring angels of healing, and the beings of light. During the rainbow session I pray that I will not fall asleep as it is late, and I had only five hours sleep during the previous night, and for my brainwaves not to go any lower than 8 (cycles per second). I decide to maybe bring them up to 9 cycles to stay awake.

I’m in my favorite place in nature -- the beach at the water’s edge -- but at sunrise, meaning it’s actually time to wake up! At the top of the hill, I now have the sea behind me, blue sky and sea gulls and sand pipers on the sand. I can hear and see and sense my angels coming to join me as I make my way into the Akashic workshop.

Going across the grass, and feeling it under my feet. I’m going down the stairs now. The stone statues on either side wink at me, and I wink back. Descending the stairs to my shower, I feel the water washing away the potential fear of success or failure, taking a deep breath to cleanse my lungs and wake me up. My fear is gone now. I use the energizing light to dry off and give me energy. I tell myself, “I AM AWAKE.”

“Dear God please keep me awake while I am in this healing. Sorry I put You off all day, and now that I should be sleeping, I want to do healing. I thank You, God.” I enter the AC, go to my chair, sit down, but no, I must stand up to stay awake.

My brainwaves are teetering on the brink of 7, and I bring them up to 8. I repeat the order for them to rise to 8 until it is so. OK, they are 8 now. I check the date. OK, we are in ‘now time’. The patient arrives, and looks around in surprise. I explain why she is here, and that I am here to help her to heal as I work with angels in circle of light. I tell her that all the sparks of light she sees are the angels of light. I am asking in my mind for advice from the angels, the midwayers, all others re: ‘venus arterio mortification’.

Doctors are soon going to try to operate on this girl. I would like to operate in the Akashic Construct, or have an expert operate here in AC for me, and I can help. I ask the girl if she is ready, I give her a drink, tell her it will help her to relax, and she will like it, since it is her favorite. She then lies on table and goes to sleep.

My prayer: “Beings of light, we join hands for this little girl in front of us on the table. Let us ask for the healing powers of God to enable us to strengthen and give flexibility to her blood vessel to patch it up, and make it strong. We pray for this same strength and flexibility throughout her body. Beings of light, you are aware, thank you for being here. Thank you, Midwayers, and any other beings that are here to help. I wait for only a minute, and then it seems to me that the healing has been done.

I tell the girl, “You can wake up now. You will be in the hospital down below, and you will rest. My prayers go with you for your complete recovery, and thank you for coming here today. I will give you more of this strengthening drink, take it several times a day in the spiritual realm, and it will help you mend.”

The girl asks for a stone. She chooses a clear quartz stone, tumbled and shiny and smooth. It feels cool to the touch. She says, “Thank you.”

I tell her, “You are welcome.” Her guardian angels go with her as she waves good bye. She calls to us, “Goodbye beings of light, goodbye all. Thank you for the stone!”


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