Burning The Candle at Both Ends.

Questions and Answers.

Participant: The more I think about this the more I become unsure. This is a first for me. I have been having trouble for about a month now, falling asleep in my AC workshop no matter what time of day I try to enter. I’m pretty sure it is just lack of sleep. It was getting very frustrating to say the least, which didn't help matters.

George: Most of us, some with lots of little black letters behind our names, don’t know how to walk properly, breathe deeply enough, or sleep just right. You need 7.5 hours minimum, 9 hours if you are off color. Four hours is way, way, way too short, making you miss out on important Alpha sleep, effecting the emotions more than anything.

P:On Friday, I decided to go into my library, but reach it by myself without the CD, hoping that by making my brain try a little harder, it would stay awake the whole time. I went through all the steps in my head, and it worked. I found everything just as I should, and it felt wonderful.

George: After it all becomes routine, you won’t need the CD anymore, but don’t throw it away! It’s good to go back to it from time to time. However, you should be able to get into the Akashic Construct whilst sitting in a park, on the beach, anywhere where there is no electricity to spin your disc.

P: I remembered something that you told me once, that you often go into your library just to pray and commune with Father. That is what I decided I needed to do. Just spend time with Father in the place I feel the safest and most comfortable.

George: I use it as a “countdown” for transmitting even. It’s a good system to drift deep into stillness with.

P: I laid my head down on my folded arms on my desk and spent some time in prayer. The feelings and emotions I experienced were powerful. When I finally looked up, what appeared to be a child of maybe 12 years of age was standing right in front of me. My first thought was that it was one of those pictures of people that have on occasion flashed through my head. But then I realized that she didn’t fade as the pictures always do.

George: You wanted to talk to Father, HE brought you a new friend, but she is also of HIM. There’s a Fragment of the Creator dwelling in her mind, so you weren’t just talking to Father, but HE actually came to visit you.

P: She just continued to stand there staring at me. I think in my confusion things became a little fuzzy, and I think in my mind I sort of dismissed her because I had not asked for a patient, so I didn't think she was one. I hadn't even used the elevator.

George: I rarely use the elevator these days. Might as well “cement it over” sometime soon, but having it there helps all beginners to bit-by-bit accept their visitors. And, no, you cannot ever count on having a Beta-type presence of mind in an Alpha environment. Small children do all their thinking (learning) in Alpha, we tend to forget how to do this.

P: I continued in stillness and had a beautiful, very-much-needed experience with Father, but as I think about this experience I become more confused and concerned that I may have left a patient ‘unhelped’ in my Library.

George: She’s fine, but you can invite her back. They’ll bring her back. She might even be one we call “Indigo Kids”, not a patient at all, but a new friend.

P: If this young person was a Midwayer or a Celestial wouldn't they have said something to me. But I also didn’t ask for a patient, didn’t even use the elevator. Didn't need it, I was just there to pray. I'm just not sure what to make of this.

George: Not a Midwayer or a Celestial. Our Midwayers all look to be about 25 or 30. All Celestials I’ve ever seen are that age or older. Maybe a Cherub—a slim chance—more likely a mortal. Ask her to come back, but get more sleep, I suggest. You are surely burning the candle at both ends.


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