Addicted to Cheese.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – October 21st, 2009.

It hardly matters how many decades you spend healing those who knock on your clinic door. There is always still something new to be experienced. This brand new participant using the Akashic Construct learned about an addiction to everyday cheese . . . and its effect on fertility.

She writes: I received my Akashic Construct CD, and the very first time I listened to it, I was 'zoomed out there into another place.' Sure, this was not my first time, but I was astounded all the same.

I went to a great hall in my Akashic Construct meditation. Huge it was! A long path led down the middle, and I began to glide down it. Light Beings that were about seven feet tall stood on either side, and they stepped back and bowed as I moved past. I felt embarrassed by this gesture of reverence -- kind of unworthy (see note 1). At the end of the hall, I felt, there was a throne. I could not see it, because the light emanating from it was blinding me. I knelt down on one knee in front of this light. George I don't remember anything else after that! I awoke very stiff in the morning, because I had not moved an inch all night -- unusual for me because I have three prolapsed discs in my spine, and I re-adjust myself all night due to this regular discomfort.

I also have read your first book, The Search for 11:11. Boy did that hit me hard. As you know, I work full time as a therapist. I use many different techniques depending on what may be needed -- body work, hypnotherapy, EMF Balancing, counseling, guided visualization and more.

During my lifetime I have always had my Spirit Friends. Spirit works through amazing color for me, so I can read the auric field. I have been able to see these auric fields since I arrived in Australia, and it's no big deal, really. However, lately, since coming upon your website, something has changed . . .

I am receiving one word messages that tell me about the core problem with my patients. Here is an example: I was working away on a lady a few days ago -- the day after I listened to your CD. She is about to have her last attempt at IVF after five upsetting failures. She was very emotional. I began with what most patients think is a massage, when in reality I am actually scanning their bodies. Out of nowhere, the word "cheese" popped into my head, and 'going with this,' I asked her if she ate much cheese. She opened her eyes wide and said, "Now that is my dirty little secret. I am addicted to cheese, and sneak eat it all day long." Instantly I knew this was the culprit. Her system was full of toxins, and she was in constant allergy which made her contaminated. The earlier embryos could not possibly have taken in this battlefield that was her body.

I was as astounded as she was. Anyway, she is off all cheese, and having a tough time, like someone coming off any serious addiction. She is due to have the frozen embryo implanted in about three weeks. I was given a message that this new soul is going to be special, and she must look after herself better. I left that part out, but I will tell her when the babe is in her arms.

This is just one example of the kind of healings I am now performing. It's so strange, being given just one word, and then having to work it out.

I know all of this is probably very normal for you (see note 2). I have been asking Christ Michael to help me improve my healings with one intent -- to serve humanity, and to help people awaken to their Divine Spark. So here I am, hopefully growing at a rate of knots, excited and humbled all at the same time.

Blessings to all . . .


George's Note 1: It took me some time to realize that when Celestials bow their heads to me, it is hardly in recognition of the spiritual embryo that I am, but in reverence to the Spark of God that indwells me.

George's Note 2: For a time that's all I used to get - just one word, and 'go figure it out' from there.

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