Mother and New-born Child.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – June 25, 2007.

This specifically requested healing exercise for a mother and her newborn baby girl goes back to February 19, 2007. The baby was born with possible oxygen deprivation, due to the mother’s physical problems prior to birth. The mother also suffered a considerable loss of blood.

I entered my favorite place in nature, and then decided to fly around in the sky to the Akashic Construct instead of walking there. I went down the twelve steps, through the shower, and into energizing light. I said a prayer for my being allowed to help, and also to receive help from Celestials for both the baby and the mother.

I entered my Akashic workroom, checked my brain wave monitor, and noted that the floating numbers were in the 9 range, so I took a deep relaxing breath to bring it down to 8, and willed it to stay there. I pushed the number 1 elevator button for the patient to enter room.

I said prayers, also, to have present with me Beings of Light, Healing Angels, and Midwayers to help with this session. The elevator doors opened and the mother came out with the baby in her arms.

Surprisingly this new mom wanted to help heal her baby, also, and yet she, herself had been through a lot with the loss of much blood. She was exhausted, so it was decided that she would receive a healing first on a separate table. Her baby was put next to her on another table.

Energizing light and healing were given to the mother, and soon she rose to help heal her baby. Celestial Beings gathered around the table and love and healing were then projected to the baby.

I said many prayers for healing, so that this baby will develop normally, have a normal life, and that the dendrites in her brain heal and regenerate, that her spine and all nerves heal, so that she has normal mental functioning and physical over-control of her body. I prayed that oxygen would permeate every cell, so that she would be full of healing nourishment and energy.

Mom with her baby got up to leave. The mother thanked me, and I gave her a clear, sparkly quartz crystal to take with her.


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