Cleaning Out The Cobwebs.

An Akashic Construct Participant writes

I have noticed, and also my family has noticed, that I tend to ‘explode’ on certain topics that I thought I personally had dealt with a long time ago, or I had put way back in my subconscious.
What's happening? Do you (Sandy) or George have any insight regarding this. I’m thinking since I have been tuned to my Spirit more now than ever that She is helping me ‘clean out the cob webs’ so to say.

George answers: Oh, yes! The Akashic Construct is designed to also clear a lot of rubbish that may be held back -- a lot of long-ago things that one may think to have dealt with in the past. This may not be the case. Events may be ‘buried’ in the deeper conscious.

These things may still, in some form, be ‘lingering inside’. You, in fact, without realizing it, may be leading only ‘half a life’. You may have your ears closed to important information because of some happening in the past. The Akashic Construct is designed to clear these things. For instance, if you have a bad sleeping pattern it will generally correct that first of all. This is the most common happening, also relatively painless.

If, as an example, you have leftover problems, because of a past relationship that went sour, the Akashic Construct will often clear that as well. Your Spirit Friends will always deal with priorities.

There can be some unhappy reactions to this kind of thing, especially to failed relationships, but if you stick with the program, you will find that you will clear your mind by forgiving, you will clear your emotions next up by forgetting, and sooner or later you are going to get your contact with your Spirit Guardians, with your Midwayer Friends, with your Teachers, or even with your Thought Adjuster.


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