They Come and Go as They Please.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – March 14th, 2008.

I have two more Akashic Construct experiences from the last couple of weeks to share with all. In the first one I was not able to see anyone come off of the elevator. There was a short period -- maybe two minutes of silence -- and then I heard the word, “Options,” loud and clear, and then the following:

Teacher: “You have many, many options in your life to consider. There are many paths you can follow, all of which ultimately lead to the Father. For some, this path may be direct, while for others this path will be more of an indirect one.

“What a wonderful gift you have been given in freewill ! So many do not realize what a treasure this is ! Can you imagine a life where every single action is chosen by another and not yourself ?”

Receiver: “What about doing the will of the Father, or surrendering mine to His ? This seems somewhat of a paradox to me.”

Teacher: “So it may seem, but it is not. The best outcome is to align your will with His. You can choose many, many different paths, but you should always look to do the will of the Father as you make your choices.”

Receiver: “I think I understand. Thank you.”

* * * * *

This is the second Akashic Construct experience.

I met the same Celestial Personality as before. He came over to the discussion table with a smile on his face and said, “What would you like to ask about ?”

Receiver: “Making contact in the Akashic Construct. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.”

Teacher: “Of course ! It takes effort and practice ! Often there is a preconceived notion of how long it will take one to learn, or even master, a certain skill or task. You must keep working at your meditation. Realize that it may take you longer than you thought to get into a regular ‘flow’. Desire is very important. The level of your true desire will play a major part in your achievements.”

As your voice came back on, George, the Teacher walked out of my Akashic Workshop and up the steps with me. We walked over to the rolling hills where I start my meditation. He stood there with me as we looked at the beautiful scenery, and he said, “Very nice indeed !” And then was gone.

I guess you’re right. They really do “come and go as they please.”

An AC student

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