I Had My First Akashic Construct Communication!

An Akashic Construct participant writes.

I am soooo happy! This is how it all happened! I went to bed and I took with me a notebook and a pen, because the Celestial Teachers had already started knocking on the furniture. As I relaxed, there was a thought that kept telling me to write, but I didn’t know what to write! So, here’s what I wrote at the beginning, and how things then developed:

Participant: “Hello! This the first time I am doing something like this. Please help me if that is possible. Who is with me right now? I cannot hear you.”

Teachers: “You are already hearing us!”

Participant: “But how? I am not hearing anything.”

Teachers: “You are hearing us in your mind, with your thoughts. That’s it.”

Participant: “The feeling I have on my legs, is that you?”

Teachers: “Yes, that’s us.”

Participant: “I am nervous!”

Teachers: “All is well. Don’t worry. Have faith!”

Participant: “Thank you for your encouraging words. I love you!”

Teachers: “We love you too, and we feel you. Believe more (strongly).”

Participant: “I am trying, but there are fears and anxieties that do not permit me.

Teachers: “We are aware of that. This is only the beginning. Trust your Parents. They love you more than anyone else.”

Participant: “Will our communication improve given more time?”

Teachers: “Yes, of course. However, everything needs its time. Be certain that in time you will be much better at it!”

Participant: “Then, it is better not to touch deeper subjects where your answers won’t be very accurate because of my inexperience.”

Teachers: “Yes, you are right. There is no need to hurry.”

Participant: “Can I speak with you whenever I wish?”

Teachers: “Of course. We are always close to you, and we look after you. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Participant: “Who are you exactly?”

Teachers: “We are your angels.”

Participant: “My personal angels?”

Teachers: “Yes.”

Participant: “Oh, that is wonderful! Thank you for all that you do for me. Honestly, I would like to see you and hear you so much.”

Teachers: “Patience, our friend, just be patient. Now, go to sleep. We will look after you constantly. We love you very much!”

Participant: “I love you, too! Bye!”

Teachers: “Bye!”

During the entire process, I was feeling a strong pressure on my feet, like someone was touching my feet with his hands. I was also hearing something like an energy pulse in my left ear. I tried to stay calm, because I was feeling the presence of two individuals in the room, one touching my feet and other somewhere around me. I felt it was so real, that even if most of the answers are mixed with my thoughts, I was really communicating with them. I will continue to use this method.

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