Communications – Any way at all.

Ever since I was very young, I remember being in my bed trying to go to sleep, and I would hear loud knocks coming from the furniture around my bedroom and also from the hall.

Two years ago, a dear friend of mine passed away at a very young age, something which made me feel very distraught. Sometimes, when I missed him a lot, and when I was thinking about him and all the things we had experienced together, I would hear that same knock coming from my desk and from my computer. This happened so many times that I came to the conclusion that this was not simply a coincidence, or a figment of my imagination.

About a month ago, I had my first communication with a Celestial. The second track on the Akashic Construct CD helped me a lot to achieve that. The communication was actually more of an encouraging message that I was doing well, rather than a fully fledged transmission. What is interesting, though, is that after that day, the phenomenon of the knocking furniture became more frequent, and so I decided to use that method to communicate with the Spirits.

At first I defined an answer (like yes) for a loud knock, and the opposite (like no) or something different for a gentle knock, and then I continued by asking questions in my mind only. To my surprise, it really worked, and when I greeted the Celestial and he knocked the pipes of the radiator (heater) as a reply, I started formulating my questions.

In this way, among other things, I learned that I was communicating with Primary Midwayer Andrea! She likes to say “Hi!” everyday by knocking on something in the house, and sometimes I ask her questions that she will answer most times.

It is true that should they see that we are open and interested, they will find a way to communicate with us. We only have to trust both them and our intuition. Andrea just knocked on my bed really loudly. It’s a bit late, and I think she is trying to tell me that I need to go to sleep. It’s very late.

Blessings…. A.

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