A Rag Doll.

A Recently-joined Akashic Construct Participant Writes:

Yesterday afternoon I did the Akashic Construct, but I could not get deep into the Alpha state. I did have two very fleeting visions. One showed a lot of people—they seemed to be children—coming out of a big building, all looking happy. It gave me the impression the building was a school, and that was it.

Then, I saw a rag doll lying around somewhere, and all of a sudden a female’s hands, enormous in size compared to the doll, were squeezing the doll’s chest, but in a very delicate way. I think the doll portrayed me. Then, right after that, I felt something like a jolt, and that was it. I was back in Beta.


Notes: The “school”, likely, is the Melchizedek University you have recently joined, and the happy-looking children would represent your co-students. And, yes, the doll would be you; being “livened up” by Mother Nebadonia. The jolt—something I often experience—is your Thought Adjuster returning to Her Place in your mind. During visions and most transmissions, She will “step aside” to let those forms of Universe Reflectivity come through… George.

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