They came in through her closet door ...

J. R. writes;

My healing work brings in Divine Beings, and during the healings most patients see angels, or they feel them touching them. For example, an arm may be stroked in compassion, while I am doing a healing on my patients, and whilst I work above their bodies, not touching them.

During the night of last Christmas Day, my mother-in-law was in pain from her back, and I did a healing on her. It was quite amazing, because I sensed the Divine quite strongly in the room. In fact, if a dozen angels had appeared before my eyes, I would not have been surprised.

One early morning in March, my mother-in-law called me at work, which she had never done before. She had just said her prayers, and she was having her cup of tea when a group of about 30 Divine Beings filled her room. They were all men dressed in peak hats and wooly coats. Dressed as working men, they came in through her closet door ,which was open!

She thought of telephoning me to tell me her visitors never said anything. They just looked at her. While I was on the phone to her, I reassured her that the happening represented a great blessing, and it was so she could see there was really more than just what we can see here on earth.

Not until later did she tell me that all but three Beings left through the closet door, and that one of the Beings sat on her bed while she was talking to me. Near the end of our conversation the three Beings quietly left . . . again through her closet door!

She told me on the telephone, “My only thought was to call you, because I knew you wouldn’t think I was crazy, and you would understand.”

I have been teaching her about 11:11 time-prompts and their meaning, which we have both been seeing for a while.

Thanks George. I just had to pass on this wonderful story.
Many Blessings . . . J.


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