Meeting Dr. Mendoza In My Akashic Library.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – January 10, 2008.

I went into my Akashic Library today with the outcome left totally in God’s hands. I had made not a single request.

When I opened the curtain of the elevator there was nobody there. I stepped inside and looked around just to make sure. It was then I decided to go and sit at my desk and write my letter to Father, our Wondrous Parent, which is how I personally perceive this wonderful Creator of All That Is.

I began typing the words that were written in my heart, and when I paused and looked up, how surprised I was to see Dr. Mendoza, quickly stride from my elevator! With a smile he took my hands and proceeded to tell me that he had been delayed with a patient, but he was here now, and he would gladly give me his undivided attention. With both my hands in his, he asked me to close my eyes and think about God in whatever way I wished to envisage Him; to imagine Him immensely powerful in the Center of All That Is.

Dr. Mendoza: “Picture His all-powerful love flowing from this central spot. Ever outward it flows, past countless galaxies, much like the photographs that so fascinate you. Once again, picture this same love reaching its destination, which is you. Allow it to flow into your heart, opening those closed areas, and bringing light to the things that confuse and frighten you.

“Stay awhile with these thoughts, and then proceed to the quiet peacefulness of stillness. Do this, child, every time you prepare to enter your sacred space; your quiet place before God. Then you will understand all that you wish to know, see all that you wish to see, and hear all that you wish to hear. It is then that you will discover the great potential that lies within you. I understand that the chaos of your thoughts over so lengthy a period is disturbing you greatly, but know that this is an area where we cannot help you. You must do this inner work and no one else may interfere. We offer you our love and support, but we know that you have the strength and desire to overcome your fears.”

Student: “I do not know what the future holds, or what exactly I am to do, but I offer my services to your healing efforts.”

Dr. Mendoza: “That is acknowledged and I thank you. You will not be forgotten. Now I have others in need of my care and attention. I must tell you goodbye for now, but we will be seeing much of you in the future.”

With those words he was gone, and I was left alone and in joyful tears -- alone, yet not lonely, as I sensed others about me that remained unseen. I still feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my heart, and as I leave my Akashic Library with renewed purpose and resolve, I pray. “Thank you Father for answering my prayer. I love You and once again dedicate my life to Your will and service.”

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