Efficient Use of the Akashic Construct.

An Akashic Construct participant (J) writes:

J.: I started six weeks ago, but that included about a ten day period when I was just too busy with my youngest and her having that bad cold I wrote you about. So far my pleasant scene in nature is tops, same each time, superb, and one of the things I enjoy most is to caress the tall soft grass where I lay myself down. It feels so real! I only need my pleasant scene to banish my migraines of almost eight and a half years.

It’s rare for me to get sleepy during the second part of the Akashic Construct, especially since you told me to sit on the sofa (not use my bed), tho night time is the only free time I have. The children get up at six or earlier, and the three are a full time job for me, unless my husband takes them all to the park, or playground, or in his car to somewhere like the shops. I don’t have to count backwards anymore, I just relax, but my old hurts can surface, like “What if?”.

The third part of the Akashic Construct is what I’m not sure of. Each time I rebuild it, it looks like before. It’s my new home, and I know every inch of it. My Spirit Guide looks kind of young, and he has a name and a number, but I don’t know either yet. We are good friends.

George answers: If nighttime is the only time, except on weekends, you have a routine. Some form of routine is important. And with your pleasant scene in nature, as well as your Akashic Library being as clear as day, throw away these two segments. Do them by heart. You don’t need them any more.

The Akashic construct is ONLY a tool, and your trained mind is now what will achieve your accurate visions and communications with . . . what ‘sounds’ like a Midwayer to me. Doing it all by heart is far more efficient in the end.

You long ago, and swiftly, banished out of your life someone very violent, and without having to count backwards, the second part of the Akashic Construct is now all you need . . . IMO. You’re doing good !!!

In your place, I would ‘put together’ a mantra, and use it instead of the backwards counting you no longer use. A mantra like: “I made the right decision regarding my ex, because I deserve the best, and my (new) husband is the best.”

You already know this anyway, now reinforce this, I suggest. There is no more reason for angst, fear, anxiety, especially inappropriate guilt. There never was a reason for guilt. The only “What if?” back then was more violence to come your way -- an odds-on bet.

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