A Picture and the Word -- Elephant.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – October 25th, 2009.

I think you will enjoy this report. I've begun doing the Akashic Construct during my work day whever I get an hour or two between clients, and I then find that my physical low of around 3PM has disappeared. I become re-charged and my troubling backache dissipates to bearable levels.

I knew I had a complicated case coming in at 4PM. The patient is rather typically European, and it is hard for her to let her emotions show, due to her being raised with very strict mental programming. We began the session with her on my therapy table, a nice massage, but I am also scanning for mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual blockages. Again I got the one word, but this time it came with an image of -- an elephant. I was startled by this and decided to not ask this straight-lace lady about elephants.

Here I am 'pulling hens teeth,' trying to find a thread that would lead her to opening up so we could move into the core of her issues -- anxiety and self doubt. These were undermining her life in many ways, and she was distressed by this. Her doctor prescribed anti depressants and sleeping pills, but she decided she would try spiritual healing as a last attempt before filling her prescription. Having recveived this information before her arrival had made me decide to visit the Akashic Construct to seek council from the Celestials. I sensed she really needed help, and I have seen too many get hopelessly dependent on these chemicals.

So here I am with an elephant, and then it dawned on me! An elephant is in her living room. I use this metaphor when there is an issue that is wreaking havoc in someone's life, yet when the choice is made to not face it. I asked her if there was anything happening in her life that she might be feeling afraid of facing.

Voila! This poor woman's throat chakra had been blocked for years, because she could not tell her business partners, who had become very controlling, that she and her husband wanted out. They had both succumbed to their partners' bullying tactics, and were like frightened children. In her words: "They will explode if we say anything." They were both subject to control through their fear of their partners' anger. She broke down and cried her heart out. Her husband will be coming in with her next week, so we can begin constructing healthy boundaries and some serious lessons in speaking their truth.

George the Akashic Construct has become my very sacred place. I go there to commune with angels, I am sure. I still feel I am working closely with Christ Michael, as it is Joshua's ministry I try to emanate. Thank you George, and I pray this little miracle lifts you up in the knowledge that the Akashic Construct is changing lives.

In service,

George: Yup! We lit a flame . . .

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