Rescued by the Eleven-Eleven, and Spiritual Accounts.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – March 27, 2007.

In the year 2000 Machiventa Melchizedek stated: “They (the Midwayers) can do no more for you than you do for them.” It appears one’s spiritual accounts can never be in the red. However, there appear to be exceptions, and this is surely one of them.

The AC Practitioner writes: I have the fondest of memories of my early years in Ireland, even though it was soon after Bloody Sunday, and my family and I escaped death a number of times. My dad was in the army, and we lived in a place called, Hollywood Barracks.

One day I was in the playground, the only child there, enjoying myself on the swings. There was a Land Rover parked right nearby. After a time, a rather mangy-looking dog came over to me, barked at me, and gestured for me to follow him toward some bushes near the playground, and away from the swings. Being a curious little girl, obviously, I followed the dog. He kept just enough distance between us to avoid my touching him. We skipped off into the thicket and then, suddenly, he was gone!

I just turned to go back to the swings, and then it happened: An almighty, massive explosion! The Land Rover had had a bomb underneath it, and had that helpful dog not lured me away, I would have never seen any of my children’s newly born faces!

Where the swings were, was now a twisted heap of rubble. I’ll never forgot that dog and, I believe it was an Angel; my Guardian Angel, perhaps. I never saw that dog again, and besides, it was generally made clear that being in the army, dogs weren’t really approved of, because of the fact that most folk never stayed in one place longer than 18 months to 2 years. Hollywood Barracks was pretty well devoid of pets, especially as quarantine for a dog was about 3 years.

Cool story, huh? I forget about some of my good luck stories. I have wondered why I’ve been saved on so many occasions, and think it has to do with the children. I think it’s probably best not to know. I always ask to be guided in the correct direction. I reckon I’m doing all right with some of those ‘instructions’ -- going along with a hunche, etc. – for it seems to always pan out as the best thing I could have done. Harmonious results always ensue.

More than two decades ago, the Celestial Artisan, Athena, coined the phrase, “Those colorful, scintillating ‘tiles’ in the mosaic of their time, their family, their environment and their country . . .” She was talking about those, who would become great contributors, and who would be protected at all costs, because they would play an important part in the spiritual economy of the planet.

In their instances, their ‘Spiritual Accounts’ may well be temporarily in the red – overdrawn – against ultimately certain future credits.

And it’s just a small thought.

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