The Akashic Construct – When You Least Expect It

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – May 6, 2007.

Just thought I’d share an experience I had while doing track 2 of the Akashic Construct (my nature scene). I wrote a while ago about my frustration at my lack of progress, and not being sure of whether to keep doing track 2 or move onto track 3. Well, anyway, I had not done any mediation for over a week. I just felt a kind of block, and I knew I’d just fall asleep if I tried, but I knew I’d go back to it soon.

It felt right to try again yesterday, but my instinct was to start slowly, so to concentrate on track 2, and practice getting back to alpha. Because of my ‘break,’ I was probably less expectant, and not ‘trying’ to feel or see anything, and for the first time something occurred that I know I was not actively imagining.

Well, anyway, as I said I had just entered my pleasant nature scene, and underneath the big oak tree, under which I sit, there was a small black child of about 3 years old, lying face down. She had on a white dress, and a red sort of gathered ‘dolly’ hat. She didn’t look to be in a good way, and my instinct was to hurry over, and to sweep her up in my arms.

My next instinct was that maybe she needed milk. A bottle appeared beside me, and I gave her some to drink. I then felt what she needed was some love; kinda like it was too late for food. So all I could do was hug her, and hug her. I felt such love for her, and wanted to comfort her like she was my own. Then a shining male figure appeared beside me and said, “It’s okay. We’ll take her now. All she needed was to experience some human kindness.”

I looked down at the girl in my arms and she opened her eyes, and they were brilliant bright blue, and she gave me a huge smile. Then He took her away. I’m not sure if this meant she had died. It felt like she had.

It felt so real! Not something I could have made up. It was funny because I remember George saying motivation is important, and before I’d gone into my nature scene, I had affirmed that I would love to heal. I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be there in my nature scene, considering I’d had no luck in my library seeing Celestials. I guess, it’s like you’ve all said, “When you least expect it .”

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