After Some Surprising Failures in the Akashic Construct.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – – July 30, 2007.

I had to share this with you all. Last evening, I finally got into the Akashic Construct after some surprising failures I can’t explain. I might have made the whole thing up in my mind, or I might have been dreaming, but it felt so real !!!!!!!!!!!! So here goes:

I entered the Akashic Construct, asking for a healer to come and help me for a change—with my broken leg, my aching back, and high blood pressure.

The elevator arrived, and I anxiously waited for someone to step out. Suddenly a bright white light appeared in front of me, and an image took form. It was a man in a white robe and sandals, wavy shoulder-length hair. I immediately sensed it was Christ Michael, but His appearance surprised me since He looked much different to how I had alway pictured Him.

I couldn’t believe it! It made me feel so shy to be in His presence. I felt I wasn’t worthy to have a visit from Michael. I lowered my head, and felt embarrassed, but He just smiled, and His beautiful voice softly called out my name. Then He said, ‘You wanted to talk?’ Actually, I had tried several times in meditation, hoping to invite Michael for a chat, but I either couldn’t get through, or I was interrupted in my home.

We sat down on a bench in my workroom, but then I asked if we could go to the garden, telling Him, it was beautiful there, and it would be a better place to talk. He smiled, stood up, and walked out with me.

I started off by telling Him I was so sorry for the mistakes I made in this life, for the people I hurt, especially those close to me, and for disappointing Him. I asked forgiveness (for the umpteenth time). He smiled gently, and told me I had been forgiven a long time ago, when I first asked, and He knew what was in my heart. He said, ‘The forgiveness you seek is within yourself.’ I understood He was telling me I have to forgive myself, and not dwell on my past mistakes.

I asked about my daughter, and if she and I would ever be close again. He told me that, although she appears cold and unfeeling toward me, He sees a small, but brightly glowing light in her heart, which she tries to not to acknowledge.

The light is her love for me. She will not allow herself to feel it, but love is strong, and cannot be contained. It must eventually be expressed. Also, if I can forgive myself, and feel worthy of her love, it will remove an important block, and make reconciliation easier. I have to admit, I do feel guilty about hurting her through the decisions I made. I know I did the best I could at the time, and I never intended to make anyone unhappy.

I asked about a sick child, and He said ‘She is love. She brings love to all who meet her.’ Her parents are learning unconditional love, faith, and commitment. ‘All will be well. She is in our care, always.’

I asked about my life, and why I’ve had so many challenges, and was told I chose to learn many lessons, to bring me further along the path to perfection. Whenever I felt a ‘nudge’ to make a change, it was time for another lesson. I told Him I was tired. He said, “you are loved, and your many Celestial Friends are eager to help you whenever you need help, and they enjoy giving you their number messages.

I asked about my illness, and told Him I wanted to heal, and be of service to Him. I know I can do so much good, having had this experience. He said, ‘You read in the Urantia Papers. Your faith will heal you.’ Then he smiled again, and said that I am already of service. Whenever I show love, kindness, compassion, or just give a smile to someone, I am serving Him.

He then chuckled a bit, and told me it was almost time for George’s voice to come back on, and we walked back into my workshop. Sure enough, as soon as we did, I heard George’s voice, saying it was time to say goodbye.

I asked Michael if I could hug Him, and he smiled that wonderful smile and held out his arms. I just held on to Him, and sobbed. I was bathed in His light, and the love coming from Him was so overwhelming !!!!!

George’s expression, I think, would be, ‘It left me profitless.’ I said a soft ‘Thank You,’ and He said He enjoys being invited to talk, and to call on Him often. I let go of Him, and He disappeared.

I’m not sure when to call Him Jesus, and when to use the name, Christ Michael, but His visit was such a surprise. I still feel His love, which is so comforting, and I know I’m being watched over and cared for. All is well.

Love to all.....
An Akashic Construct Participant.


George notes: There’s nothing wrong with ‘coming up empty’ from the Akashic Construct when you are ill. At those times you have your AC friends to help you.
One of the most experienced fire-walkers in my group, Jason, suffered the most horrible burns when in the day prior to the firewalk his shoulder was dislocated. 1800 Degrees Fahrenheit ‘got him bad’ when he was physically unbalanced.
After the mugging of a lifetime in 1987, and becoming an epileptic because of it, it took until 1992 for me to hear and see my ‘Spirit Friends’ again. Physical, emotional and psychological damage had frosted over my looking glass for a view into the Midway Realm. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally ‘coming up empty’ from the Akashic Construct when you are ill.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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