My First Akashic Construct Experience

An Akashic Construct Participant writes – January 2, 2007.

I had my first Akashic Construct experience on January 2 of 2007. To allow me to clearly explain, here is a little bit of the background:

My mother used to play cards with three other ladies; Milly and Jackie -- with whom she used to work -- and a lifelong friend called Irene. Although their ages varied quite a bit, all four passed on quite recently. My mom passed away in 2004, Milly went in 2005, then Irene, also in 2005, and sadly, Jackie just passed away last December 30 of 2006, leaving her husband, Peter.

I had a chance to talk to dear Peter on the telephone today, and noted a 1:33 PM prompt immediately after. I presumed it was Midwayer Mathew, and I decided to do my Akashic Construct meditation first, voicing my key words, ‘PRACTISE’, ‘TRUST’, no more ‘SELF-DOUBT’, or ‘JUDGEMENT’ to let it all happen.

In stillness I asked Mathew if he had a message for me and after a little while I got, “Peter. A healing for Peter.” So then I thought, OK I’ll go to my Akashic Construct this time without listening to the CD. I did have a bit of trouble going from my nature scene to up over the hill, until I simply changed the hill, but this was my first time without the CD, and I took my time getting there.

At the top of the hill my doorway was an energy field that I just walked through, and into a tunnel of glistening white marble. I waved my hand and an energy light just glowed, lighting up the stairs -- wide deep stairs, and I actually took a couple of steps before the next stair down.

I remembered that George says, ‘Stop and get a point of reference’, so on the third step I waved my hand again and another glow appeared. I don’t quite see the fixture, but in my mind it became a large quartz crystal.

With every three steps, I do this – wave my hand – light – descend 3 more steps – wave my hand – more light – and so on to the 12th step down. Then there is another energy doorway. I enter and think of the shower – showering off fears, doubts and judgments -- and then I switched on the light and try to imagine being bathed in God’s white light before I enter the Akashic Construct. (On my next trip I’m going to add a hot tub).

I ask for the room to be more circular, with gleaming white walls, and a dome ceiling. All around the circle edge are rock salt crystal lights glowing. I walked in around the left. There was my library, which I didn’t stop at, but I know that whatever information I need is there. I tried to imagine the calendar, and this is hard to explain but, only when I think of a date, the calendar flashes into being.

Next I saw a globe and thought, ‘this is wonderful. I can sit here and do my earth healings here’. Then, all of a sudden I was thinking of Jackie and Peter. I didn’t even have time to do ‘the thing with the elevator’. Peter just came in and asked what was going on. We talked for a time, then, suddenly, I knew that his wife, Jackie was also there in some way. I turned away from them, letting them share a few moments to say goodbye.

After Jackie left, Peter settled down on a soft white recliner and closed his eyes. I asked for a healing for Pete’s heart and mind, so that he would know that this isn’t the end; that he would see Jackie again. I remember saying to him that ‘Jackie’s gone to play cards with my mom, and the girls.

Then I saw the shape of his body being covered in white shimmering substance which turned to green, but I remember standing next to him in a couple of different places. Only afterwards did I remember my being behind a desk or table with 4 candles on it, and Pete and I talked for a while.

Again, I couldn’t seem to connect with the elevator idea, so he just ‘sort of dematerialized’. I said a prayer and gave thanks for the presence of the archangels. I remember asking Midwayer Mathew, if this was all and got the impression of ‘This is done’.

I left the Akashic workshop, and as I walk back, I clearly see where my true quiet place is. I never thought of it before, because it’s sort of hidden, but walking back I can see this spot from a different direction. And it is one of my favorite places, it has a huge rock that’s over 5 ft tall, and I can sit on it or beside it.

Well, I’m not sure on what level of Alpha this all took place, as during the whole time I remained aware of my being seated on my couch, but for once I awakened my visual imagination. I have started to create my Akashic Construct.

It’s 3:33 PM as I write this. “Thank you Midwayer Mathew for being with me, and showing me the way, although I haven’t actually seen you yet. I hope I will some time in the future.”

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