Excitement ! I Can Fly Again !

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – November 23, 2007.

Good morning/evening, George,

I just rolled out of bed and I had to jump right on here to tell you. Yesterday during my afternoon meditation -- I have been meditating with God lately -- I asked Him if I could fly again, like I did when I was a child, and the answer was “Yes,” without hesitation. I thought ‘OK, this is wonderful,’ but I wondered how. That thought disappeared as quickly as it had arisen. Soon after we went to dinner for our Thanksgiving celebration.

Later that night, I fell asleep in my recliner where I was awakened, and kept getting, “Go to bed ! Go to the bed !” It is not out of the ordinary for me to be instructed in that way. I meandered off to bed and received another message to lie down in a certain way; on my back, which I don’t normally do, so I tossed a bit, trying to get into this certain, required position.

I then closed my eyes, and instantly I was up in the sky, looking at a stream down below, and then I heard, “OK, Love, let’s fly.”

George, I was wide awake and in control !!! I saw everything, I heard everything, and He taught me how to fly again !!!

I said “OK, God, here we go !” Low and behold, I flew ! I would fly up, down, across, and anytime I would start to flounder, I would say, “God, I need help.” He would lift me up to help me.

George, I could literally feel Him pulling me up again. I was totally conscious throughout the whole trip !!! I would open my eyes, check out my room, then close my eyes again, and I would be right where I left off before I opened my eyes.

I was having a total blast !!! This was the most wonderful experience that I have had yet, besides the reconnection we experienced together ! I am not sure how long this lasted, I would guess maybe close to an hour.

I’m still dancing !!! I still cannot wrap my mind around the control that I had; it was incredible !!! Hugs to you bro.
A Participant.

George’s comments: It isn’t clear to me why in the past I could so easily bring most patients into my Akashic Construct for a healing, and yet at other times I had to actually be on the spot and travel to the next street in my town . . . to Bavaria, or San Francisco and decades back in time, as documented in my books.

Perhaps this healer is being trained to visit anywhere on our globe. Even a trip to the Mansion Worlds is not now out of the question in association with the 1,111.

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