You know you glow, right?

An Akashic Construct Participant reports -- June 2, 2006.

At anytime at all, I have any amount of time for this young man. He is my friend. His name is Brad, and he is totally blind. Right now I’m in my Akashic Workshop, pressing button number one to bring the elevator up. Hopefully, my patient will be coming up with it.

I had wondered if in the Akashic Construct he would have sight, just like he would if he were on a mansion world. Would suddenly be able to see be disturbing to him, I wondered? I am told that he would have no lasting memory of seeing anything in the Akashic environment. There would be no trauma either.

His visit to my workshop would be one of those pleasant things he would be able to take with him to the mansion worlds. He would remember the event when he gets there. I am informed that when he first comes into AC he will be blind, but as he sits there he will see.

Brad arrives and he greets me. I tell him I am giving free healing today. He says, “Ah, a lucky day!” He tells me he is having problems with his sinuses. So I tell him a little about the Akashic Construct, and the growing number of people who are learning to give healing in it, and all those who are receiving healing there. He actually sees me for the first time in his life, and tells me that it is amazing. He says, “You know, you glow, right?” I say, “I think it is the AC.” He says, “No, you glow!” I say, “I think you are psychic.” He says that although he is blind, he sometimes can ‘see colors coming from people’.

I take his hand and say, “Brad, let us work on your sinuses, today.” He says, “Good, what do I do?” I tell him to lie down on the table and I will give him Reiki. So he does and I do. I tell him about the Midwayers, who do most of the healing, whilst I merely help them. One of the Midwayers says to me, “We are partners, you and us. We are partners.” They go to Brad’s head and give him Reiki, which is instantaneous.

I pray for Brad’s career in music, “Dear God, help Brad to use his musical gift on this planet and beyond, and you would always be with him here and beyond. I thank you God for this friend, Brad. For his gift to the world, his music, and his beautiful soul, his pure heart, his understanding wisdom, his generosity, his love for his children.

“Help him whatever way he needs help, God, help him find his higher path. Help him find peace in his home. That the peace that comes from him extends outward to give love and all to those he comes into contact with. Amen.”

Brad wakes up and says, “Ruth, I know I can see here, but sometimes it is nice to close my eyes and just listen.” I tell him I think he is a wonderful person. He tells me he loves his music so much and it is an escape for him in times of trouble, though the study group misses him.

I tell him that I accept the path he has chosen. I give him a hug. He comments on my Akashic workshop being a wonderful place, and he knows that when he wakes up, he will not remember having been in it.

I tell him that on the mansion worlds he will remember this moment. He tells me, “Well I will certainly recognize your voice!” I tell him he will remember and to look for me there, and I will look for him. He tells me he is deeply touched. He chooses a stone, a beautiful deep blue stone, a trapezoidal cube. As I look at Brad, I see two traditional guardian angels also with him. I say hello to them. I tell Brad he is one of my favorite people, and God loves him.

He tells me Goodbye.

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