I Am In Need Of Some Guidance.

An Akashic Construct participant (M) writes

George: I’ll try to answer your questions in order, and I have here included the Akashic Construct instructions for you to print out and check in detail. The instructions attachment to each of my AC posts is often overlooked.

Your guidance, and much more, can also be found on the 11:11 message board

M: Over the past 3 years I have been (very frequently) seeing 11:11 when I look at my watch, the clock on the cable TV, microwave, etc. And for about the past year I had come to believe that something significant was going to happen to me at 11:11, whether it is my time of death, winning the lottery, etc.

It wasn’t until about a month ago when I was watching Sylvia Brown on the Montel Williams show that she was talking to a member of the audience and mentioned to that person that she had the “gift of 11:11.” My heart jumped and I could not wait to find out what that meant. I researched the internet and found GB’s information and got his first book and read it. I also ordered the CD, and recently (about a week ago) rec’d his CD.

George: You’re one (and one of hundreds all over the world}, who will make the Akashic Construct work for you. And yes, 11:11 is a wonderful gift and an indication and promise of more great gifts to come.

M: I have been listening to it every night for the past week, and I find myself becoming bored with the sound/exercise(s) on the tape.

George: You are meant to do the first segment for about a week until you know it by heart. The next week you go onto part two for a week, but mornings are best. At night people are generally too tired and fall asleep, especially if they use their bed to relax on while doing the Akashic Construct. A reasonably comfortable kitchen chair is much better.

M: I have the 2 relaxation exercises down in my head, but I do not think about it during the day. The 3rd set on the CD I have not gotten to because, by that time I have usually fallen asleep, or I have become bored and have turned it off.

George: These days if I even used part one, it takes me about 20 seconds, or even if I use part one and two in my mind, it takes me perhaps 40 seconds. My CD is now set to play the Akashic Construct workshop only, and there I do not speed things up. I need that time, even after all those years.

M: However, having said that, I have noticed more frequently my seeing other numbers like 10:10, 1:11, etc, and for the past 3 nights I have woken at 4:27 AM and I get up to use the rest room.

George: Well, you have contact, and your contact might well be JKL-27, as all those that are JKL are of the 4th family. Midwayers will do almost anything to get through to you.

M: To sum up my inner being, I have lost my compassion and passion for life and have just recently figured out that as being my issue. As well as figured out what my “calling” is and how “it” will bring me internal peace for myself, as well as for millions of others if I tap into sharing “my story.” I will not go into much detail, other than to say that it has to do with food addiction.

George: OK. That is progress, and you might say that it is because of the Akashic Construct practice, because of the Midwayers working with you at a subliminal level, or you did it under your own steam. I would say it’s probably all three to some degree, but the Akashic Construct first ‘goes to’ where it’s most needed… always.

M: What I am concerned and confused about is how I tap into more of hearing and being in tune with “my spiritual guides” to help me know how to go about my “mission.” I was hoping that the CD’s would assist me, but have found little assistance with it, as with the book of GB’s I read.

George: We have instant coffee, instant cream, but no instant Celestial Teacher, or Midwayer. You are possibly ‘on a hundred-mile journey, expecting your destination to be the next, nearby town’. You might have done Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and now hit ‘pay dirt’ in just weeks, but you need more time if there are important, pressing issues to be cleared up first.

Think ‘journey’, not ‘destination’. You will not run out of time.

My writings give folks an idea about what to expect when dealing with the 1,111. However, I truly did establish contact the hard way, and I had few humans to help guide me. It took me ages to figure things out.

M: I really don’t know what I need to help me begin my relationships with “my spiritual guides.” What I do know is that I feel 100% positive that I have been selected to find comfort and peace by tapping into “my spiritual guides” and that by doing so, not only will I find inner peace, but I will become a vessel for many others who have chosen their drug of choice as being food.

George: I’m sure the Midwayers think so, too, since they would know more about you than the best profiler would ever ‘gather’. The Midwayers would leave me way behind in the dust on my best-ever psych analysis in 40 years of practice. You need a drastic change in procedure.

M: I know this is a big order for you to fill.

George: Not at all. It’s what I do, and do well. Others will benefit from this posting, also.

M: But, surely, I am not the first person to feel this way, and I feel certain that I am not the first person to have these types of questions.

George: You aren’t the first. I’m sure you’ll not be the last, either. And that is why there is an 11:11 Akashic Construct list, as well as an 11:11 message board with an Akashic Construct forum, on top of a web site with all of the past Akashic Construct postings http://www.1111angels.com/AkashicConstructList.html

M: I greatly look forward to hearing from someone! --- M.

George: It’s a pleasure for me to respond. Good luck.
God bless….

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