Sudden Jolts, “Annoying habits”.

An Akashic Construct Student’s Experience.

The Student writes: I recently came up with the idea of speaking to my Thought Adjuster. Even though I cannot hear Her voice, I thought it would be great to start showing Her my interest in making contact. I also think it helps me to more clearly realize that my TA dwells inside of me.

The thought of a Spark of God dwelling inside of me is still a new idea – a new concept for me. However, since I started my conversations with my TA, I have noticed that if I speak to Her during meditation, She reacts! My body jolts, and it seems as if She is greeting me and tries to assure me that She can hear me. I have experienced these jolts since I was a child when I was about to fall asleep, and when I was very relaxed.

The difference now is that they also happen as a reaction to my attempts to communicate with my Thought Adjuster.

George answers: Thought Adjusters always respond, in some way.

In 1995 I was still unaware of the Urantia Papers’ term “Thought Adjuster”. I was aware of us all having a “Spirit Self”, or “Pilot Light”. At the time I had a clinic at my university and one complex case is worth of a report, because it was so unusual. Most unusual!

The patient was in her mid thirties, and she came to see me “for strength regarding her upcoming divorce”, claiming that she clammed up under stress, and that many lies would be told about her in court, presumably by her soon-to-be-single-again husband, who blamed her for having been unfaithful to him, and was divorcing her to marry someone else.

I asked her if she had been faithful to him. That question was enough to cause her great stress. She visibly clammed up, but her right arm shot out with great force -- a killer punch for anyone within her reach, and so I decided to thoroughly psych test her. There was nothing mentally wrong with her, but the particular test I used showed a serious thyroid abnormality to be present.

It was a mystery. Conveniently, this was during a university break, and we took our time (days) to figure things out. It was the Thought Adjuster responding in the positive with that strange right arm punch into fresh air to every appropriate question. The patient was mostly able to respond in the negative.

The court magistrate accepted my psych report, as well as her strange punches in the air for unquestionable “yes” answers, and soon after she got her thyroid medicine she attained some form of mind-to-mind communication with her Thought Adjuster.

This woman had driven some 600 plus miles to my university to obtain the answer to a strange habit that had made her a virtual outcast in her community, likely dead meat in her court case, only because Providence, not coincidence, had seen to her meeting up with a past patient of mine in another state in Australia.

Thought Adjusters always respond, in some way. Midwayers take care of the rest. This universe is well-ordered, thank God.

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