A Given Task And A New Celestial Healer.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – May 5, 2006.

This Akashic Construct ‘journey’ was requested by a woman I know, and it is for her sick husband. The husband is a war veteran, and his health is failing rather. I have no idea about his age, but I’m guessing he would be in his fifties. His wife is from day to day caring for him. She told me only that he has difficulty walking, and that he is very ill.

I’m playing soft music in my headphones and slowly talk myself through the rainbow to one of my favorite places in nature. This time it is a Florida beach at sunrise, its white sand a lasting, treasured memory from a vacation I took with my family when I was just 13 years old.

I’m leaving the beach now, and going with my Midwayer friends up the hill and into the Akashic Construct. Down the 12 steps and relaxing my mind, I go into the foyer, which has a waterfal on the left wall instead of a shower, to wash away my doubts and inhibitions. Then it’s to the bright light to energize me and give me courage.

I say a prayer that I might see my Celestial friends better, but before I enter the Akashic workroom, I feel some unexplained residual fear, and so I intuitively go back to the shower to ‘redo’ the getting rid of fear. Then I enter the Construct.

Pushing the button for the elevator now to see the patient, and I visualize his wife coming up in the elevator beside him. I have never seen this man before, but I have worked with her and so I know what she is like. I think of her holding his hand in the elevator, and I can only vaguely see him. He looks rather small next to her, he looks ill, has a rather round head, and he is balding.

I consider that he may not look like this at all, but that is OK for the purpose of him being healed.

He is placed on the table, and I request assistance. There are the Midwayers and the angels of healing. For a moment only I see an ‘extraterrestrial of the mortal kind,’ with a very odd shaped head. This person is glancing sideways at me, and he has a small egg-shaped head, but a long flat jaw as if he has a flat plate in his face making his mouth and lower face very wide. Others, whom I know are there, I do not see, or I simply cannot focus on them.

I place the Reiki symbol for emotional healing over the man. I talk to him. I tell him, ‘God loves you. If it is God’s will for you to join Him soon, He will make a place for you, and it will be like home to you. You will like it.’

I am now not sure what else I said, or what he said. In the end, I remember, I gave him a ‘breathing stone.’ I am not at all sure what that is, or even what it looked like.

I spoke with his wife and prayed with her. I also told her ‘God understands your sadness, and it is OK for you to go to God with this.’ I prayed for strength for her and for her husband. From ‘out of my head,’ -- from my mind -- I brought her a many-hued, metallic, faceted, but roundish stone.

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