The Healing of a Child, and Meeting the Master.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – October 23, 2007.

Even though I have had the Akashic Construct CD for several months now, I am still slowly working through the resistance that has so far kept me from listening to it regularly. On occasions when I do manage to do this meditation, I often fall asleep. Sometimes I remain awake, but nothing much happens. Nonetheless, every so often, I have an experience in the Akashic Construct that really stands out, so I just wanted to share this one.

As others have also frequently said of themselves, and since I am still relatively new to this, I was initially tempted to wonder if I had ‘just imagined’ it all, but one thing is certain; the feelings I felt during this meditation exercise were intense and very real.

When I entered my Akashic Workshop, a large German shepherd dog appeared in my elevator, followed by a blonde angel in a white robe, guiding a little girl. The child had long, dark hair that seemed rather dirty and matted. She seemed so very small, vulnerable, and scared. The angel guided her to me, then encircled us with his/her wings, as if to provide me a protected, supervised space in which to help this child, since I am still a beginner.

As I tried to comfort her, I strongly felt the child's fear and great sadness. I began sobbing, and tears began flowing down my cheeks. I laid her down on a nearby table, squeezing her arms. She was completely limp and unresponsive at first. The German shepherd, I sensed to be the girl's dog, put his head in her lap to help. I lifted her up to a sitting position, hugged her and continued to feel deep sadness, as well as tenderness and empathy for her vulnerability. A light began glowing near and around us, and there was the strong feeling that it was okay to let all of these emotions pass away -- that all of the fear and sadness was only a temporary illusion, and that beyond this layer of illusion was a place of great joy.

Then the little girl was standing up, and beginning to glow in a golden-white light. The angel thanked me, and led her by the hand, out of my Akashic Construct and off into the light. It seemed that perhaps it had been this child's time to cross over, or maybe to return back to life from a near-death state, and that, in any case, I had helped somehow to ease her transition by witnessing her process, comforting her, and bearing some of the grief in order to lighten her load.

Next, a bearded Celestial in robes sat or knelt next to me, facing perpendicularly to me, so that I was viewing Him in profile. He took my hand. He felt comforting, calm, approachable and easy to talk to. I then realized that it was Jesus, Christ Michael. I remembered the great trust I had felt when I used to meditate on His image and confide in Him my deepest concerns as a teenager (something I hadn't done in many years since). I told Him how I want to let go of the lower, ego-self views of things that drag me down, and to see from a higher, more joyful perspective. He held my hands, faced me, and said, "Be not afraid, for I am with you," and He reassured me that I really am contributing, that I really am a part of this group of healers (meaning all who aim to practice the Akashic Construct meditation), that I am doing important work, and that I do belong. I kept crying, feeling so glad to confide in Him after all this time. I thanked Him and we bade each other goodbye at the end of the meditation.

Whether this was an actual child somewhere on the planet, some child aspect of myself that needed to heal, or perhaps to ‘die and be reborn’ before I could further grow in my capacity to help heal others, both at once, or something else entirely, it felt to be very important in any case.

Much Love to All,
An Akashic Construct Participant.

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