Heart to Heart Therapy.

Forwarded by a long-time 11:11 subscriber.

George: Want to pass on a healing method I've been practicing lately that is pretty exciting! Sometime/somewhere in the past, I jotted down a Urantia method of healing. Don't know where it came from, but it works!

You already may know of it; called Heart to Heart Therapy. The process is to place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on the recipient's heart. Then you visualize your hand and arm acting as a beam of light carrying God's love & healing energy. I ask that Nebedonia, aided by the midwayers heal the person I'm trying to help. I've done this in the evening and the next day, something good has happened!

Here are my results so far:

1. 1st time I tried it. My wife had a kidney infection for over ten days; nearly killed her. She was taking anti-biotics and was bedridden, with malarial type symptoms of chills and sweating. She had been gradually getting better and then had a relapse. I had been giving her Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments nearly every day (I'm a certified practicioner). They made her feel better, but didn't seem to be making her better. So with the relapse, I tried Heart to Heart. The next morning, she woke up completely cured! No symptoms, full of energy!

2. The next time I tried it was on a female friend who has arthritus in hips and knees and has difficulty with stairs and walking. I did this with her after a study group meeting. She said the next day, she felt great all over; free of pain. Gradually, the hip pain returned but the knees have stayed free of pain.

3. A good friend of mine, age 68, was preparing for prostate cancer surgery. Because of his poor health, the surgeon said that he would probably be in ICU for three days after the surgery. I told them about Heart to Heart. His wife did it both just before and just after the surgery. He did not need ICU and was released three days later and is doing well. They are both very active in their church..

.I've thought alot about this and believe that:

1. I may be acting as a transformer; downstepping the energy to a level that is acceptable (when I do this, I feel nothing; no tingling or other sensations).

2. The amount of healing that happens may be related to my own spiritual condition.

3. I believe that this type of healing may be a one shot deal; I'm not certain that doing this on consecutive days, for instance would accomplish anything more.

4. I believe that God/Nebadonia/midwayers decide what needs to be healed which may or may not coincide with what I am asking for.

So far, have only used this for serious conditions, for people that would be receptive to it, and people that are spiritual themselves. How effective might it be if used by an agnostic or atheist?

If you wish to pass this on to the 11:11, please do so.

Hope your doing well.



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