“Change their hearts and their minds will follow”

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – June 11th, 2008.

I had another awesome Akashic Construct experience this morning! Happily I greeted my Celestial Helpers in my clinic. I had been having problems settling my mind for the past few weeks, unable to connect, leaving me to wait in swirling darkness without any visions. This time I put it out there, ‘Whatever or whomever God wants me to experience I will experience.’

Until some weeks ago, when my meditations were productive, I was usually getting many people at once arriving for a healing. This time the elevator doors opened, and once again it was packed with people. I waved to my Celestial Healers from across the room and they came to help greet our patients.

The last few meditations have been set back in time. It was explained that healing was still needed for those souls who haven’t been able to move on from their trauma. The dress of the patients today was that of those in biblical times. ‘Alright,’ I thought, ‘This is a first for me!’ Then there in the middle of my library a very large caravan tent appeared. The crowd filed in and I followed. Sitting on a platform so all could see, was a very wise old man with a white beard, wearing colorful robes. I realized it was Abraham! Again, another first for me! These ailing peasants had come to hear him speak the message of God. Looking around I expected to see Machiventa, but I couldn’t see him.

I was at the very back of the tent and about to settle down to listen to the message when Abraham motioned for me to come forward. The crystals in my hands began glowing, and I realized that I was here to heal, not listen in the shadows. As I walked to speak with Abraham I noticed more closely the afflictions of those gathered here; there was a lame boy, a blind man, a mother that obviously had leprosy and her small child.

My mind was racing along with a my pulse. Reaching the front Abraham smiled, placed his hand over my heart and said, ‘Your mind has been over-troubled with worry and indecision.’ I knew that’s why I’d been having such a hard time meditating. No matter how hard I tried to cast the negative thoughts from my consciousness, and hand them over to God, they would return to cloud my senses with doubt. He continued, ‘What are they compared to this?’ His hand swept the room.

Sighing, relieved, and shaking my head, I replied, ‘Nothing.’ He smiled, releasing me to my work as he began to speak. Still overwhelmed I was thinking, “How can I heal them when they have been taught for a lifetime that their afflictions are a punishment from God?” Christ Michael appeared beside me. His calm presence and simple words gave me new resolve. He said, “Change their hearts and their minds will follow.”

The truth of this filled me. Slowly I made my way through the assembly. With each person I didn’t worry about their individual afflictions, all I did was place a hand over each heart as they absorbed Abraham’s wise words.

George, I feel so blessed and humbled to be a part of this.


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