A Timely Warning on the Hill.

An Akashic Construct Participant writes.

It was a beautiful afternoon in September 2003, so I decided to take my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter out for a walk. We went into the woods, walking along the path, and then I decided to walk up a hill, just for us to see what was up there.

We started up the hill, and as we got towards the top, I noticed a hole, or a small den in the ground. It looked to be a woodchuck’s burrow, or possibly that of a fox, but either way, it didn’t look like it had been used that year. I didn’t think much of it, so we kept going up and finally reached the top of the hill.

We stopped and then suddenly the animals around us stopped making noises; birds quit chirping, bugs stopped their buzzing, and then there was a loud tone in my right ear. The tone quickly grew very loud all throughout my head, and then both my ears felt like they had great pressure in them. Time seemed to slow down, or time was somehow warped.

I experienced extreme fear, and my heart felt like it was beating itself right out of my chest. I had the feeling as though someone had a gun pointed towards me. We were in grave danger, I believed. I couldn’t move, but then all of a sudden in my head I heard, “Get out of here now!”

I started to yell, “Get out of here!” I grabbed my daughter and rushed back down the hill. I quickly looked back and saw about ten ‘active’ coyote dens. Unnoticed, we had walked right into the middle of them!

I had the distinct impression that someone was right behind me when this happened. When we made it back down the hill I was obviously badly shaken, but I quickly realized that we had been saved. This has been very much on my mind ever since it happened, then I found the 11:11 message board, and I figured that it must have been an Angel or a Midwayer.

George: In times of extreme danger it can also be the Fragment of the Creator of All Who sounds the alarm. I once apologized for having mistakenly accredited two of many timely warnings to the Midwayers, only to be assured once again that “We are all One. No offence taken, My child.


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