The Healing Island.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – October 22nd, 2009.

I have been reading a book named Same Soul--Many Lives. In this book one is taken through a healing meditation, and during this meditation-visualization exercise I found the pure marble entrance to the healing center not unlike our Akashic Construct. That's what struck me about this visualization - the similarity!

With the thought, 'Fear! You have no power over me!' I went into this experience, which turned out to be one of the healings I did this week. In it I found myself on an island. The Island is simply named 'The Healing Island' and in the far distance it is surrounded by huge crystal mountains. When I walked into the water, at first quite alone, the water felt like silk. Suddenly I sensed that Primary Midwayer Andrea was with me, and excited about my having found the Island. She said, "All healing centers are linked. We have a network and we are very pleased you found one of our Islands today."

Next up I took my (female) patient into the healing water and she said, "This place is so beautiful." With a twinkle in my eye I said, "I know!"

At first, she only wanted to go waist deep. Then she held my hand and just floated, like a child would, except this part of her inner child was now at peace, and the dolphins there, who teach us to think, speak and swim like them, were very gentle with her back and very tired body. I sensed her childhood was difficult, like it has been for so many of us.

Then my surprise came. I felt a hand take my other hand and there you were, George, floating in the healing water off the magical ocean from another world, surrounded by those crystal mountains. I looked at you but you were mentally somewhere else, possibly on your beach.

I have a theory, which I have timed with a few people all over the world. If we put our feet in the ocean at exactly the same time we can talk, just like the dolphins.

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