Two Healings, And A Mentor Called Jasmene

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – March 5th, 2009.

On Thursday, I entered my Akashic Construct to take care of two separate healings in a row. My favorate place in nature has now become a combination of a few places I have actually been to. I also asked for a Mentor to help me with these healings.

I got into the Akashic Library and welcomed my patient. I introduced her to the other healer, my Mentor, who I referred to as ‘Dr. Mentori.’ I watched as the Mentor helped the patient. After the healing, I was going to say goodbye to the patient when the Mentor asked me if I was going to give my patient a stone (gem) to take with her. I offered the stones to her, and she chose a clear crystal. We said our goodbyes.

My new Teacher/Healer and I were ready for the next patient.

We both welcomed her. My Mentor now wanted me to mix up some healing medicine for our new patient to heal her cancer. The Mentor wanted me to mix up the ‘MMS’ with which I am only slightly familiar. It reportedly can cure cancer by itself, or with the use of herbs. I mixed up a powerful dose, waited the required number of minutes for it to chemically transform, and then I put fruit juice into it. The patient drank it all.

After this, the Mentor did some slight surgery in the patients abdomen, to mend any areas that needed it after the powerful medicine did its work, just in case the cancer was more extensive than we expected. The medicine itself would circulate in her bloodstream to search out any cancer in her body and eliminate it without hurting her tissues. After a moment of healing, our patient was ready to go home in a wheelchair. She chose a red jasper, a stone that corresponds to the 1st chakra in the human body. This would support her survival in her human body, so that she would again be healthy. We thanked her for coming and wished her well.

I then thanked my Mentor, whose name is spelled ‘Jasmene,’ but is pronounced Jasmine.

Healer’s note: I like the idea of working with a Mentor, and I feel I could possibly stay more focused under a Mentor’s guidance. My focus has been somewhat of a problem in my extremely busy past.

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