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An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – April 19, 2007.

The Participant: I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! Thanks for the replies to my questions. If I couldn’t ask questions I would feel a bit stranded, because who else am I going to ask?

George: You could probably find ‘bits and pieces’ of answers in all kinds of places, because there isn’t all that much in the Akashic Construct that is really brand new, other than its obvious aim to produce contact with the Midwayers. The Akashic Construct has a 45 year history. It evolved, changed, adapted, and it works well for hundreds of folks.

The Participant: If a relaxed state of mind is all I’m going to get out of the CD, it’s the best 10-15 dollars I have ever spent. I’ve really been missing something.

George: In my opinion, it’s our society, and what it expects from females as distinct from what it expects from males. For years I noticed the women were getting much more out of any relaxation exercise than were the men. I guess it deals with needs, more so than an innate capacity to relax.

The Participant: The night before last I noticed my rose bush had changed slightly from the night before. The first time, the thorns were long and sharp, and then the second time, there were no thorns, only small, smooth bumps. And my garden has no fence at all.

George: Likely you were being shown that you are less aggressive than you see yourself. Long, sharp thorns indicate an aggressive personality, which you are not. Aggression almost always deals with fear in these circumstances, and you are not that fearful. You are open to others, because your garden has no fence.

The Participant: The other thing is, last night I felt something pressing down on me above my stomach. Not hard or anything, but like someone had placed a folded up towel on top of my stomach.

George: That is an aspect of residual fear! It will go away.

The Participant: Last night I had a neat experience in my meditation that I want to share. First of all, when I got to the part about the rose bush, at first it seemed like it did before, where I was imagining what it would look like but then something shifted, and I could actually see what was around me. It was like watching a movie in high definition. The visual clarity was absolutely stunning. I don’t think I have ever experienced that in a meditation or a dream before. I was completely blown away by just what I was seeing.

And secondly, there was someone in my rose garden! Talk about a big surprise. It was human form, but I describe it as neither man nor woman, but genderless. (I will call it a ‘he’ just for sake of simplicity.) He was wearing light colored blue jeans and a white T-shirt. He was facing away from me and tending to my rose bush (there is another one right next to it, but he wasn’t looking at that one.) Each time the CD said “consider the leaves,” (or such-and-such), he would touch the leaves and lift them for me to look at. At the part where we were to imagine the roots, I thought my roots extended far down all the way into the core of the Earth.

But he lifted some out of the soil and showed me that they were not as deep roots as I thought. He never spoke, nor did I see his face or anything. But once again, I did not feel that it had a sex at all, but neutral. Who was THAT?

George: There are lots of different created beings that have no reproductive prerogatives. I can’t say who he was, but he sure showed you to ‘let it happen,’ rather than to actively imagine. Whoever he was, he ‘stepped into your garden’ at the right time to let you know that info flows freely, and you need not actively search for it. You are doing great!

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