Kiantha And Dashielle.

The old saying, ‘Patient, heal thyself’, applies to Urantia as a whole as much as it does to us individually. In this, the Urantia Correcting Time, there will never be a limit to the number of Celestial Healers, Teachers and Advisors made available in keeping with Michael’s mandate, Machiventa’s plan.
For the local and ‘imported’ Midwayers to do their utmost, we as humans must also get involved in healing our world in all known dimensions.

Meet Kiantha and Dashielle.

An Akashic Construct Participant reports: Of late, I feel that at the door to my Akashic Construct room I need to say an additional prayer, for this is a holy place, and I want to acknowledge that God goes with me here (as always everywhere), yet this doorway symbolizes a purpose, an intent that is part of God’s will, to help, to ease suffering, to rejoice that I am here doing this now.

This is to be an energy session for someone suffering from severe smoke inhalation and minor burns. So I pray and say, ‘Thank You’ for the presence of Michael, for accompanying me here, and for God within the very walls of this building. May I honor this ‘doorway into another realm’, this purpose, and I give thanks.

I enter and check my brainwaves on the meter. They are registering 8 Hertz and that is good! I press button number 1. The elevator rises, and I see what it looks like, its design. I am really still getting to know the actual details of the room, even though I have been here many times. My subject exits into the room, and she seems at ease, not at all ill. She says ‘I feel great up here. It is down in that hospital room I am unable to speak.’

I say to her, ‘If we help you up here, you will be able to feel it in that room down there in the hospital.’ She seems to think that this is fine, and she gets onto the table for our session. I was thinking of how exactly to heal her, when, two assistants in the form of Kiantha and Dashielle, the Midwayers I have heard the names of in my thoughts, come in, and are going to do the main healing of her lungs.

First they whoosh with their hands and cleanse the lungs of smoke, then they heal the tissue (probably special laser beams in their heads?). They tell me to attend to the burns. I think about this and come up with a special ‘air salve’ that does not require me to actually touch her skin to apply it, so I visualize air salve being applied all over the subject to heal her burns instantly.

She gets up from the table and thanks us, and I tell her she is welcome. I think of a stone to give her, then realize she might need something more than that, but first she chooses marble, for its cooling properties—a piece that fits in the palm of her hand, and which is gently carved concave on one side. I also give her more of the air salve, and most importantly, some ocean air inhaler for her lungs to feel better.

She once again says her ‘thank you’ and gets onto the elevator and leaves. Kiantha and Dashielle are still in the room. Kiantha uses her thoughts to communicate with me. She is smiling a big smile (does she have dimples?) and I can see her (I have not really seen my helpers before).

She has long wavy golden blonde hair. She is tall and muscular, and she has a special happiness about her right now. She is so glad to see me, and I her. As well, she is so glad I am now setting my alarm in the morning to get into the habit of getting up early so I can do healings or spend time with Father.

She earlier tried to get my attention on that matter, and yet I had a hard time with 5 AM awakening. She has a cute smile. I now try to visualize the more reticent Dashielle, but this time I cannot see him, although I know he is present.

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