A Pulsating “Ball of Light.”

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – January 24, 2008.

She writes: Thanks for your prompt response. It’s nice to talk with others who have experienced similar things.

A few years ago, as I walked into my kitchen, there in mid air was a pulsating ball of light about the size of a baseball. It was like a kaleidoscope, pulsing in and out with beautiful colors of blues golds and purples I thought I was ‘seeing things’ so I walked out of my kitchen and back in again. There it still was, pulsating away!

I just stood there gazing at it, and feeling incredibly at peace as it kept pulsating. It stayed for several minutes, and then it just disappeared.

After the experience with this light, I seemed to have acquired an expanded consciousness so that I was able to understand and ‘bring in’ more information than I had ever been able to do before.

I got onto a crop circle site on the internet and there were some pictures of lights very similar to mine.

If you are interested, put -- CIRCULARSITE everything about crop circles -- into your Google browser and look up -- lights

It’s really interesting.

Love and Light Di.

(Di is a Naturopath. She also teaches Meditation and Metaphysics.)

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