God’s “Tickling Love”.

An Akashic Construct Healer reports:

The Healer: After greeting the animals that live in my special place, I walked up the flower-rimmed path toward the top of the rise which overlooks my own personal sea. The sun was shining brightly and the water shimmered in the afternoon light. I walked past the tree which guards the stone steps, and the entrance to my Akashic Library.

Once inside, I watched as the elevator rose and I anticipated the arrival of a patient I had asked for to be brought in. Soon I saw a very small, red-headed, freckle-faced youngster bound up from the still rising elevator. He seemed pale, ill, but yet his smile lit up the room.

“Hello Peter,” I said, as I reached to shake his outstretched hand. Then I began to tell him about the Akashic Library he was visiting. He listened in wide-eyed wonder as I explained how I liked to close my eyes and feel God’s love all around me. Of course we both had to try it right there and then! Without warning, he began to giggle uncontrollably. He said, “It tickles!”

I asked him to sit up on my examination table while I walked to the cabinet and poured a clear liquid into a cup. Purple smoke rose from the glass. As he sipped it, he said with a flourish, “I feel like Harry Potter!”

When he finished his drink, I asked him to lie back, quietly, so that I could examine him. A picture of the inside of his body flashed through my mind. I could see that his bowel was perforated and toxic fluid and blood was leaking into his abdominal cavity. I knew this precious youngster was critical, comatose on the material plane and that he was fighting for life. I received his permission to place my hands on his abdomen. Immediately I felt warmth, and I saw his injuries heal as the blood and toxins dissipated.

I was elated! I knew that he would emerge from his coma refreshed and healed.

I thanked Peter for being such a good patient, and reminded him that he could feel God’s ‘tickling love’ anytime he wished. I said, “It’s as warm and wonderful as the sun on your face, don’t you think?”

He marched off to the elevator with a bunch of purple grapes he had taken from my desk, and he waved me goodbye. What a dear little man he was, so strong and brave! I smiled and prayed that a little of that confidence and bravery would rub off on me, as I once again resume my training in healing with the Midwayers.

George: It’s typical of some form of time/warp phenomenon for us to see an almost instant healing process in the Akashic Construct. I generally question how long it will take for the physical to follow suit, and I get answers like, “One day, two days, etc.” It goes fast nevertheless. Sometimes just hours will bring a healing, and only occasionally is it instantaneous. It’s a sure promise, though, and it has never failed me in many years.

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