“A Spark of Love . . . ”

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – April 27th, 2008.

I’ve had many incredible experiences in the past few months. Here is my latest Akashic Construct experience I now call: “A spark of love can become a blazing fire, if only we keep the flame burning.” On this day I invited Nebadonia to my Library. Several questions were swirling about in my head.

Decided to meet at the pool on the huge upstairs outside patio. The view is breathtaking there. You can see the sparkling ocean off in the distance and flowers blooming everywhere. Nebadonia arrived along with Christ Michael ! The water was blessed with healing powers. We entered the swirling, bubbling water of the pool. I asked about the troubles I had with my ear. Yes, it was to be a healing for me. I asked for a deeper connection with my Celestial Teacher, and suddenly he fell out of thin air into the pool beside us ! I was told that all of my development (as everyone else’s) was up to me and would happen in my own good time. It is available to us when we are truly ready.

Suddenly all of my immediate family, and my 11:11 message board family appeared out of thin air and splashed into the pool, including the in-laws of a friend of mine who needed healing. Amazingly, the pool expanded as more people entered. Everyone was talking, soaking chest high along the edge, absorbing and enjoying the healing love from the water.

At that point Nebadonia and Christ Michael took my hands and we rose quickly up into the darkness of space. They showed me all the spheres available for souls to progress on. I looked toward the Earth and saw thousands of Celestials surrounding the globe. There were so many, I could hardly see a speck of land or water between them. All the people from my pool then joined us, we all clasped hands (this seems to be a common theme with me). The spirit of Urantia unfolded from around the Earth and rose to be in the center of our group. We pressed closer to Her and hugged Her. Love and light was all around us, all smiling broadly, revelling in that loving embrace.

I was taken back to my Akashic Library and sat on the edge of a high cliff, still basking in the feeling of genuine love and contentment. I leaned backward with my eyes still closed and began falling through the air without concern. A giant bald eagle rose up from underneath me and I landed softly on its back and outstretched wings. The eagle was my Thought Adjuster. We sped through the air and were now going to visit all who had joined me in my pool. We raced across the United States and then across the ocean. Stopping only briefly to meet families and give each a kiss on the cheek.

We headed down to Australia, Sandy and I hugged and held hands, chatted while admiring her bird. Turning to George I told him again how grateful I was for what he had started here. I was truly amazed at the wonder of it all, and how people from around the world were touching each other’s lives.

After visiting a very close friend and her family, I returned to my Library. That’s when Christ Michael took my hands in His and said, “A spark of love can become a blazing fire, if only we keep the flame burning.”

Before leaving, I very carefully reviewed everything that happened so I wouldn’t forget any details.

Love to all………

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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