An Interesting Machine.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – October 26th, 2009.

It seems to me that it is becoming somewhat easier to connect with the many visitors who frequent my unusual hobbit-style Akashic healing center.

A friend had expressed to me that she would soon need to use a cane just to walk, as her sacrum was hurting her so much. We decided to time the healing, and we planned for us both to be ready at a precise hour.

Sadly, I was running late, but without her being aware of my being held up, so was she unavoidably delayed as well.

Off to my healing room I went, where I found my friend had just arrived, and where she was spread out on the table. A strange, but interesting machine I had noticed on a previous accasion was still there, attached to the ceiling. It moves up and down, and sprays a liquid crystal and heat onto the patients. I am sure it was never developed on Earth, but it is used by Celestials.

My elevator door opened, and out came a Celestial who was small and rather rotund. I thought that what was different about him was that he was Asian-looking, but he was definitely not an Asian. To me he looked more like a male kind of Geisha. He said, "Hello, let us look." Our patient was totally unconscious when he began to stick long pins into her at her feet and the shoulder area (that part is a little vague now), and then we began our work.

I tried to massage the area, and he reminded me of earlier lessons, that I should find the center of pain -- the seat of the pain. He said, "We must find the center point!"

He asked me to spread out on the floor and feel the sacrum area, while stretching one leg, and bending the other back, then moving my legs to one side of my body, and then to the other side. I looked up and a tall figure was doing this to my patient at the same time. Her body was like rubber and the tall visitor said, "Remember you are mainly made of water, and water is flexible." It was then that every vertebra in my spine aligned itself. I felt it, physically, right here in my home.

"My friend woke up without one bit of pain in her body, but the strange part of this visit was that I do not remember the Celestials Healers leaving, and as well, this morning I awoke to find my fingers still holding the lower part of my back. Surprisingly, my fingers do not hurt as one would imagine if one had slept on that hand and arm all night.

But I must say I was exhausted, and slept most of the day. It felt like part of me was still there if that was possible? If we become so tired, like I did on that day, how can we stop that from happening again? I know there is a line waiting at my door in the Akashic Construct, but I do not wish to lose a whole day because of one healing. I must have missed something? This is the first time it happened, so I am sure you have the answer to this.

I am enjoying this journey very much.

George: Likely you are going too deep, and are just too comfortable on your bed, use a kitchen chair, or a park bench, and you also need the important wake-up routine at the end of the healing session. Get up then, and walk around before going to bed, thereby returning to a normal sleep pattern.

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