Meeting My Makers.

An Akashic Construct Practitioner contributes – April 3, 2007.

My meditation this morning was much more than I expected! I have to share it with you all! I had been floundering lately, not being able to reach the level of Alpha that seemed to come so easily in the past. I asked to speak to my Destiny Guardians about the content of my recent dreams, because they had seemed repetitive and mundane. I’d been hoping for them to be more spiritually based, believing I was ready to move forward.

I asked to go on an OBE, and they immediately obliged. As I soared, they said someone else was there to talk to me. Machiventa began to speak. I knew he was there, but everything was bathed in a bright white light, so I couldn‘t see anything else. He began recounting the things I had been doing to try and remove some emotional blockages, which I felt were keeping me stagnant; going back to the Urantia Papers, exercising, listening to motivational speakers, and music, choosing to be positive towards others, renewed realizations, being creative, improving my ability to let go of things that didn‘t matter.

Then a voice spoke into my left ear, “Hello?” It echoed like a test over a microphone. It was only one word, but because I’d not heard this voice in a very long time, I was really excited.

Music played in the background. Love was coursing through me the whole time, and then it felt more pronounced. I asked if someone else was there to talk to me. Machiventa faded and Christ Michael appeared like an old Friend. I was humbled, and I was cognizant of love going through me, and out of every pore of my body. The whiteness was so bright, it was blinding. He told me He was well pleased, repeated a few times something like, “It is the beginning.”

He said He knew that I talked with his co-Creator, Nebadonia, and He was glad that I felt comfortable with Her. She appeared at our side, silent and smiling, again more love radiated to and through me than I could almost stand.

I asked if the light could be turned down a bit because it was so bright. Suddenly we were standing on an invisible floor, with the stars and all the universe shining below us. The walls were shafts of rainbow colored lights shooting upward. I went over to touch them and each color that I ran my hands over became a note of music. I was so happy that I began to dance (I am not a dancer).

A light touch, like a back of a hand brushed across my right cheek. This is my mom’s signal. She wasn’t visible but I knew she was there. It was almost too overwhelming having them all there at once. I asked Christ Michael and Nebadonia if my mom had been advancing quickly, because she always seemed to be helping members of my extended family. They agreed. Also asked about my dad and Christ Michael said he was emerging from darkness. An image appeared of him suspended in the air surrounded by a small while light, with darkness all around that. I knew it was a start for my dad.

Feeling overjoyed, I wanted to send my love to all my friends and family. The love that I’d been feeling trailed out of my body. I thought of everyone that I had been praying for. Dancing about I wanted to bring everyone from the 11:11 Message Board here, so they could experience this.

As I thought of them individually by name, they began appearing there with us. I so wish you all felt the surge of love I was sending you this morning. I realized that this had been the place where we had all been meeting. Those of us who had been here before struck up conversations with others as if they were used to doing this. We truly felt like family. I began thinking of names of new people on the boards, in a blink of an eye, and they were there, albeit confused, but in awe of their surroundings.

I knew that I could stay here as long as I wished, but didn’t want to hold everyone up from their tasks. I thanked everyone I could think of for the experience. I shall be singing for the rest of the day!

I sincerely hope everyone could feel the love I was sending them this morning. It was exhilarating!

Love to all….
A happy Akashic Construct participant.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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